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Wild animal caught in nurses: Tiger tested in the New York Zoo a positive effect on Coronavirus

A Tiger in a Zoo in New York has been infected with the Coronavirus. The four-year-old Malaysian tiger-cat Nadia is positive for the Virus tested, informed of the Bronx Zoo on Sunday. “It is – to our Knowledge – the first Time that a wild animal has become infected by a person with Covid-19”, – said the chief veterinarian of the zoo, Paul Calle, the magazine “National Geographic”.

Probably a nurse, had carried the Virus, but no symptoms are shown. The Zoo is closed due to the Corona-crisis for about three weeks for visitors.

Nadia have developed a dry cough and caution had been tested half. Her sister, Azul, as well as two Siberian tigers and three lions showed symptoms, however, were not tested. The animals have a little less appetite, otherwise it’s going well but, it was said. You do not know how the disease will develop in the case of large cats, and will observe the animals carefully, expecting a full recovery.

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