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US researchers call the 1.5-Meter-distance, low – virologist debilitated cloud-Transfer

US scientists want to have shown in a new study that the Coronavirus is, over a distance of up to eight metres transferable. Air cloud, the causative agent of several hours. Virologist Christian Drosten sees the “cloud-Transfer”, however, skeptical.

"Keep at least 1.50 meters Abstand": On the bottom of the super markets lines for orientation stick, who goes shopping, or out there is, you need to keep distance to his fellow man. The danger of yourself or others with the Coronavirus infection, is according to experts, would be too big.

Now an American research team determined, however, that this distance may not be sufficient. Instead, it could spread the Virus over a distance of up to eight meters. The researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit) in a study with the title "Social distancing strategies for curbing the COVID-19 epidemic", you are on the Pre-Print Server "medRxiv" published.

They noted, therefore, that the virus droplets in a hot and humid environment with a speed of ten to 30 metres per second moving. They arrived when coughing or Sneezing in the air, creating a cloud that can extend to a length of up to eight metres, generated according to the researchers.

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Cloud should be able to float in the air, and their direction of change

This cloud could float the researchers after several hours in the air. As a result, the risk that they would be moved by ventilation systems in super markets or public transport, and changed their direction would be.

A few weeks ago, other authors of the study in the &quot had already;The New England Journal of Medicine" it is noted that the Virus could remain for a longer period of time in the air. Three hours, it should survive according to the researchers, in aerosols.  

Drosten: Virus falls relatively quickly to the ground

German scientists think the cloud theory of the contagion of the U.S. researchers, however, applicable. Charité-virologist Christian Drosten explained in the NDR Podcast about: "The Virus is in the air for a short period of time. It will coughs and stands as a coarse to medium-large tröpfiges Aerosol in the air. And the falls relatively quickly to the ground. This is not so, that such a Virus as a cloud in the air, and for hours, and also in the neighboring room."

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