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Type 2 diabetes: How to lower blood sugar no matter the weather according to expert

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which a person needs to be extra vigilant with the foods they eat to ensure blood sugar levels remain stable. When there is a drop in temperature, this may not always be easy. How can you keep your blood sugar levels stable?

Many will find their lifestyle changes as the seasons do.

Often when night time settles in, so does a drop in temperature and sometimes a craving for heartier meals.

Dietician Dr Sarah Brewer added: “Unfortunately, those comforting dishes we crave as the weather gets colder are often stodgy, starchy and can cause blood sugar level spikes.”

Dr Brewer offers her advice for type 2 diabetics for the incoming colder months.


With some days not always promising sunshine and dryness, the need for exercise should always be important no matter what the weather may look like.

Dr Brewer said: “Your daily walk or exercise routine can often become less appealing when it’s bleak outside.

“Most of us would prefer to stay cosy indoors but try to stay motivated with your exercise regime.

“Don’t reduce your level of exercise when it’s cold – still go out for a daily walk but wrap up warm.

“Exercise helps to prevent blood glucose levels from creeping up.”

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Prepare for flu season

Infections cause blood glucose levels to rise, and respiratory infections are more common during the cold months of the year.

“If you have diabetes, an annual flu vaccination is recommended,” Brewer added.

“Check that you have received a one-off pneumococcal vaccine, which is also recommended for people with diabetes.

“Vitamin D levels tend to be lower if there has been more rainy days of late  and is due to lack of exposure to sunshine.“Vitamin D plays an important role in immunity against infections.

“Public Health England recommends that everyone takes a vitamin D supplement at this time of year.”

Food for lowering blood sugar

Dr Brewer advised you can still enjoy comforting dishes if you’re a type 2 diabetic, it’s just important to make smart choices and swaps.

She said: “Fill up with healthy,  warming stews full of low GI vegetables and beans.

“If having crusty bread, select granary-style seeded and brown wholemeal loaves. 

“Home-made curry makes a great warmer, and curry spices such as cinnamon, fenugreek, chilli and turmeric have beneficial effects on glucose control.

“If you are having rice, select brown or wild rice rather than white rice. 

“Rather than drinking hot chocolate, opt for high flavanol unsweetened cacao, which is a delicious way to help improve glucose control by reducing insulin resistance.”

It’s important to maintain healthy choices no matter the weather to help keep blood sugar levels healthy.  

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