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Type 2 diabetes: Drinking this type of tea could lower your blood sugar

According to research, sipping on a certain type of tea could lower your blood sugar readings. Which kind of tea? Find out here.

Cited in the National Library of Medicine, researchers from the School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, put their heads together and investigated.

They went on to investigate the effects of ginger consumption in type 2 diabetics.

In the double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 70 diabetics were recruited.

Each participant was randomly assigned into the ginger coonskin group to the control group.

For three months, the experimental group ingested 1600mg of ginger daily, whereas the placebo group had 1600mg of wheat flour.

Blood sugar levels for all the volunteers were measured before and after the trial.

The results revealed that consuming ginger reduced fasting blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity.

The researchers concluded: “Ginger can be considered as an effective treatment for prevention of diabetes complications.”

Diabetes complications

It’s imperative diabetics keep their blood sugar levels well managed, otherwise health risks can arise.

The informative charity Diabetes UK explained that high blood sugar levels can “seriously damage blood vessels”.

When blood vessels are damaged, blood is unable to reach parts of the body, resulting in nerve issues.

Nerve damage (also known and neuropathy) can lead to some embarrassing problems, such as loss of bladder control.

It can also lead to impotence (an inability to keep an erection). There are other health complications of the condition too.

For instance, you could develop kidney disease, eye problems (retinopathy) and it increases your likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

Diabetes UK noted it is useful for people with type 2 diabetes to test their blood glucose (i.e. sugar) levels after eating meals and engaging in activities.

This would enable you to determine which foods increase or decrease your blood glucose levels, as well as which activities help to keep blood sugar levels in check.

The charity highlighted that “nearly two-thirds” of our body is made up of water, meaning you need to drink enough fluids every day to stay hydrated and healthy.

It added: “Water, tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices and smoothies all count.” However, it does matter what you drink when trying to manage your diabetes.

The organisation recommends “herbal teas” as most “are caffeine-free”, suggesting that Diabetes UK approves the use of ginger tea.

For those who like to enjoy a builder’s tea, Diabetes UK recommends cutting back on sugar and to use “semi-skimmed or skimmed milk”.

Meanwhile, coffee, chai or hot chocolate drinkers would also benefit from following these sugar and milk guidelines.

The charity added that “water is the best all-round drink”, and aside from ginger, ginger tea is mostly water.

Ginger tea can be considered to be flavoured water, which is a great aid in managing your diabetes.

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