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Tönnies: 400 Infected in the meat factory district of Gütersloh closes schools

After a large Corona-the outbreak of the battle engine Tönnies grater to the district of Gütersloh the public life partially back down. Schools and day care centers is expected to close up to the summer holidays. The spread of the Virus is to be stopped yet.

After a Corona onset at the battle engine Tönnies grater to the district of Gütersloh includes all schools and day care centers up to the summer holidays. By this step, a spread of the Virus in the population should be avoided, said a spokeswoman for the circle on Wednesday. Under the Tönnies-employed, many moms and dads with school-age children. The closure of schools, day-care centres and in day care in the entire circular area of the applicable starting from Thursday and until the beginning of the summer holidays in NRW on the 29th. June. Previously, several local media had reported.

With 400 new infections are among alone since the beginning of the week, the Corona onset takes on the case of Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück on ever greater proportions. Of the approximately 500 on Wednesday present the test results of the employees in the slaughterhouse and meat-cutting plant in the district of Gütersloh are 400 of them were positive, said a County spokeswoman. More results from were also.

On Wednesday afternoon, the district of Gütersloh and the company Tönnies wanted to inform in a press conference about the Events. The Ministry of health also announced that it would Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) will inform the health Committee in detail about the Corona jailbreak.

First of all, only a few cases in Tönnies

On Tuesday afternoon the company had spoken of 128 positive to the Virus-tested employees and measures pledged to the spread.

In the case of a large-scale Corona-Range tests by the health authorities after an outbreak in a meat factory in the district of Coesfeld in may only a few cases were when Tönnies first been found. According to the company, a site of infection was, however, later Tests found. Although all the contact persons are as a precautionary measure, been quarantined and sent, gave it to other infections in the pig meat-cutting plant.

The County Commissioner, Sven-Georg Adenauer (CDU), was in conversation with the "New Westfälischen" shocked by the sudden rise in: &quot liable;The company must ramp up its production down as far as it goes."

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