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This lower-body strength workout will help you become a better runner

With gyms closed and fitness classes cancelled, many of us are turning to running to get our fitness fix during this period of social distancing and ‘lockdown’.

For those of us who are used to working out a lot, suddenly being confined to the house is probably a shock to the system – meaning we might be pounding the pavement every day.

While it’s great to be doing what we can to stay active at this time, suddenly throwing yourself into running when you haven’t been doing it before, can be really tough on your body – and can even put you at risk of injury.

Which would make quarantine 100 times worse.

So, to get your body in top shape for frequent running, we asked personal trainer Dan Fallon to provide a lower-body strength workout that will make you a stronger runner, and help to protect you from injury.

‘My theory when it comes to running is that if you are stronger, you will last longer,’ Dan tells

‘The most common injuries are always around the knee. What do you think effects knee stability? You guessed it, the core and the glutes.

‘Runners who focus on their core and glute strengthening are the ones who will avoid injury the most.’

Lower-body circuit for runners

The hip is the epicentre for all lower body strength and control.

Hip strength is the first port of call when building a foundation of strength for runners.

Think about it, the spine sits on top of the hips, if the hips are weak, it would be like building a house on sand, the foundation will not be solid enough.

Have a 20-second rest between each exercise. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times. 

GOT bridge 

40 seconds

Focus on squeezing your buns together. 

3D bridge

40 seconds

Push off the foot and reach over simultaneously.

Split squat 

40 seconds

Make sure when you come up from this movement, you tense the rear leg bum cheek to spring up from the position.

Core strength circuit for runners

Building core endurance is equally vital for runners.

While we’re all in lockdown, we may be tempted to more sedentary behaviour and learning the planks could off-set some of the weakness in the core that can be caused from too much sitting.

Remember as a runner, the core stabilises the spine to prevent unwanted movement, so you’re going to want to invest some time in this circuit 

Have a 10-second rest between each plank and repeat the circuit eight times.

Tall plank

20 seconds

Screw the heel of the hand into the floor, squeeze the bum cheeks.

Rotational plank

20 seconds (on each side)

Keep the shoulder away from the ear.

Ninja plank

20 seconds

Lift the arm first before returning back down, then lift the leg, staying tight in the buttocks.

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