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RKI-Chef Wieler is optimistic that it can prevent the second Corona-shaft

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 9 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the novel Coronavirus, 190.862 in Germany – where it always comes back to local outbreaks.

10.30 am: there Is now worldwide the second wave, asks a Journalist. Wieler confirmed that there is in Iran at the moment a second wave. In South Korea, he is currently only of an increase, and not as the beginning of a second wave. "But we need to keep the numbers in mind." So a second wave would always come, even in Germany. Nevertheless, Wieler optimistic that you could prevent this second wave. "Because we know, how we can prevent this second wave, even without the vaccine."

10.26 PM: Why is spreading the Virus so rapidly in slaughterhouses? The want to know, a Journalist. "This is a very important question, but we can’t beantworten&quot final;, RKI-Chef Wieler says. Sure is, that if people are living in crowded conditions, the Virus is more easily transferable. There are, however, also notes that two aspects in slaughterhouses play a greater role. The be the temperature, and the increased formation of aerosols in these Establishments. "This is an open question, but at the end of one or the other of larger Bedeutung&quot is;, so Wieler.

10.19 PM: "There is absolutely no reason to talk about the disease Severity less than you ist", warns RKI-Chef Wieler. Because of demographic situation there are many people in Germany, the fall in the so-called risk group. Therefore, he could not only appeal once again to all the German to take the Virus lightly.

RKI-chief: "Pandemic is not yet vorbei", 12 Million App Downloads

10.16 am: An increased outbreak had happened in the last few weeks, mostly in areas with more difficult social conditions occurred, Rexroth. However, this can be in the case of infectious diseases is not uncommon.

10.15 PM: The share of the deceased would have been 4.7 percent. This is in international comparison very low, but still high in comparison with other virus diseases. The average age of the deceased would be, so Rexroth, at the age of 81.

10.13 PM: "Overall, we have 190.660 Corona cases transmitted bekommen", Dr Ute Rexroth from the RKI says. A total of 8895 people had died from Covid 19." From yesterday to today, there are 500 new cases of the Infected have been registered. However, one should note the high number of developments from the weekend, the RKI employee.

The RKI informed about the latest developments in the Corona-crisis

10.12 PM: Wieler warns, however, that the pandemic is not yet over. The outbreak in meat establishments or services could easily be in the wider population worn out. He again stresses the importance of masks. “A new part of the pandemic against the Corona-Warning-App is,” he says. This would have been downloaded now more than 12 million people. The digital Tool could help the chain of Infection break as early as possible.

10.09 PM: RKI-chief Lothar Wieler informed about the latest developments in the Corona-crisis. Out of many circles-in-chief Lothar Wieler had been reported in the past few days, no new cases of infection, as the RKI. “We see that since last Tuesday, these Figures rise again,” he says.

The sun of individual infection events – Wieler plays here, probably on the Corona onset in the case of Tönnies. Such Infection, the R would influence value is a file, the RKI-chief. Nevertheless, the measures in Germany have worked well overall, they have resorted to””. The sun to the great willingness of the German population.

“The number of the transmitted deaths has fallen in the last days,” says Lothar. Among other things, the older population, are affected groups and is currently exposed to the Coronavirus. “The treatment capacities in Germany are still good,” he explains further.

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