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Researchers have Hamsters effectiveness of surgical masks against Corona

Hong Kong researchers have demonstrated in Hamsters that surgical masks for the contactless Transmission of the Coronavirus significantly reduce can. The transmission rate was reduced by the use of masks by more than 60 percent, such as from a Sunday to a study released by the University of Hong Kong shows. Without a surgical mask on an infected two-thirds of the Hamster within a week.

In the case of animals which, despite the mask infected, the virus infection is also less severe than in infections without a mask. For the study, the Coronavirus-infected hamsters were placed next to a cage with healthy animals. Between the two cages OPS were placed masks.

It had become clear that the mask wear by the Infected, especially if they show no symptoms, "much more important than anything andere", study leader Yuen Kwok-yung, one of the world’s leading Coronavirus expert said. The micro-biologist, was one of the discoverers of the Sars Virus in 2003 – a precursor of the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

Hong Kong has contained Coronavirus largely

Yuen had been in the Hongkongern early on to wear masks. At that time, the world health organization (WHO) and the health authorities had not discouraged many countries from large-scale use of masks in Public so that protective equipment for health personnel in short supply.

Four months after the Occurrence of the first Coronavirus infection in Hong Kong has contained the epidemic to a large extent. Overall, infected only about 1,000 residents of the 7.5 million inhabitants of the city with the Virus, four patients died.

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