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Reproduction rate since days 1: Sweden turning point in the Corona epidemic reached

ie number of new Corona contagions goes back, according to the national health authority in Sweden. The Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, confirmed in an interview with the broadcaster, SVT, that the so-called reproduction number is since some days below 1.0.

This indicates that a novel Coronavirus infected Swede infects an average of less than another Sweden. "This means that the pandemic is ebbing gradually wird", Tegnell said late on Friday evening in the transmitter.

A compilation of the Swedish health authority shows that the reproduction rate in the country since the 10. April was relatively stable at around 1.0. On 1. April had therefore be 1.40, at 25. April – the last published value – after several days of decline, only 0,85.

Sweden is in the fight against the Corona, with the crisis in an internationally-acclaimed exceptionalism. In comparison to most other countries, the Scandinavian country has responded with more lenient measures to the pandemic, kindergartens, schools and other facilities were closed, for example, never. Rather, it appeals to the common sense of the citizens, so they keep their distance and the Corona can be slowed down proliferation, thus. Compared with the Rest of Scandinavia, the Swedes have, however, a relatively large number of infection and deaths: by Saturday morning, more than 22 000 infections and more than 2650 Dead with Covid were recorded-19-disease.


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