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Probiotic supplements to protect health?

Pre – and probiotics appear to improve mental health and reduce the symptoms of depression. Such an effect is also used in probiotic food supplements and help this diseases, also for digestive problems and intestinal?

In the current research work of the University of Brighton and Brighton and Sussex Medical School, it was examined how effective probiotic supplements are compared with the right foods to protect health. The results have been published in the English journal “BMJ, Nutrition, Prevention, and Health”.

Results from seven studies were analyzed


For the study, the results of seven studies of pre – and probiotics ingestion have been evaluated in people with Depression. It showed that these people experienced in comparison to those without treatment (or Placebo-intake), a significant improvement of their symptoms. However, it is still not clear what the protective effect is based on and what are the specific beneficial bacteria are responsible.

Probiotics are really so healthy?

The new findings add to an already long list of potential benefits of probiotics, which range from weight loss to a longer life. Many companies market their supplements and products on the basis of these allegations. Unfortunately, the advertisements for probiotic supplements, however, goes often far beyond what has been scientifically proven. Claims that probiotic dietary supplements, for example, assist weight loss and improved athletic performance, but are based, at least in the core of the truth.

To take advantage of probiotics to the people?


In other areas, the scientific evidence is wide-thin. For example, studies have shown that the Microbiome affects in mice, weight loss and mental health. However, the research is still far from a causal also in the case of human health to prove. Mice are not people. Something what works with mice very well, does not necessarily demonstrate the same effect in humans, stress the researchers.

Taking dietary supplements for digestive problems?

It is true that some of the probiotics for the treatment of very specific disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and some urinary tract infections are approved. However, this is no reason for otherwise healthy people, money for probiotic products. The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) has published recently a report, in which it is pointed out that the most digestive problems is the use of probiotics is not recommended, on the grounds that the current evidence is very poor.

Due to the complexity of the human Multiple and the many individual variables, such evidence will probably still have to wait some time, if they are ever found, reports the researchers. In the meantime, should people therefore, your Microbiome old-fashioned and science-based way: to promote Through your diet. For example, it is important to take enough fiber, and not to consume too much sugar. In addition, so-called ultra-processed foods should be avoided. (as)

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