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Police warn of Corona-grandchildren trick – Trump forging ahead once again with a wild prophecy

Corona-crisis in Germany: 76 people have already died, approximately 22,000 have been infected with the Coronavirus. Worldwide are Infected already just under 300,000. The public life increasingly to a Standstill. All the information about the Coronavirus please see the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Baden-Württemberg wants to take out Corona-patients from France

Top news (10.56 PM): Baden-Württemberg wants to seriously ill Corona-patients from France in clinics. The Ministry of health have asked hospitals in the southwest to report available ventilator beds reported in the “Schwäbische Zeitung” (Saturday). "Mr Minister-President Kretschmann of Baden-support-württemberg zugesagt", it is, therefore, of a Letter to the clinics, which the newspaper exists. A government spokesman confirmed on Saturday on request, the Ministry of health had been tasked with the request to the hospitals to approach. The clinics should not be advised by the supply to the people in needs. "In a crisis, solidarity is asked – but in the context of what is Possible." dpa/Sebastian Gollnow/dpabild Winfried Kretschmann (Alliance 90/The Greens) speaks during a press conference.

A spokesman for the Ministry of health, told the newspaper: "It’s about people who die without a ventilator in the coming days." Of the southwest have enough ventilation places, namely around 2300. Currently 80 percent occupied, however, with less than 20 Corona-patients, the newspaper reported. The Coronavirus causes respiratory disease Covid-19. For many people, the disease is rather mild, in severe cases, however, patients must be treated in the hospital, and in part on respiration.

The University hospital of Freiburg, has announced that two of Covid-19 ill patients from France to be incorporated. It provides to its own information, two ventilation spots available. The patient should be laid in the course of Saturday to Freiburg. The southern part of Alsace, which borders Baden-Württemberg, is taken from the Corona pandemic particularly difficult. There, the intensive care units of the hospitals are occupied according to the competent Prefecture completely. It is lacking in the Alsatian hospitals, beds with ventilators, Material and personnel, it was already the middle of last week. And the number of people who were infected with Sars-CoV-2, increases more.

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Police warn of Corona-grandson trick: perpetrators pretend to be Infected

Top news (10.05 PM): All the warnings of the police, in Spite of is an 83-year-old woman in Mannheim Corona trick fraudsters on the glue gone and a five-digit amount of money been cheated. The unknown offenders use the so-called grandchild trick for several days in a new variant: you give, for example, as an infected alleged members and attract old people for alleged treatment costs money out of pocket. dpa/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpabild An elderly woman got off the phone with a cordless landline phone.

The woman in Mannheim was asked because of an alleged financial distress of a caller to the help, because this would otherwise be detained. The Trick: The 83-Year-old should put the money in front of the door, because the caller will send a driver who will not ring the bell for fear of the Coronavirus. Too late for the Elderly woman came doubt – as she turned to the police, was the package already gone.

The President of the land office of criminal investigation (LKA), Ralf Michel fields, advises, never property to the new owner. The older people should insist that the caller say their name rather than be tempted to guess the names of grandchildren, or nephews and nieces. Helpful is also to ask after the events, the knowledge of the only real related. A further recommendation of the police chief: Details related to the partnership and financial circumstances never give the price, and it is the police under 110 report when a fraud is suspected.

Help you and inform your loved ones about the instructions of the police and how you can respond.



Number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Germany rise to 22.364 – 84 deaths

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the Länder (as of: 22.3.2020, 9:00 PM).

Baden-Württemberg: 3818 (17 Deaths)

Bavaria: 3695 (21 Deaths)

Berlin: 1025 (1 Death)

Brandenburg: 315 (1 Death)

Bremen: 127

Hamburg: 768 (1 Case Of Death)

Hesse: 1166 (2 Deaths)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 182

Lower Saxony: 1452 (4 Deaths)

North Rhine-Westphalia: 6740 (23 deaths/district of Heinsberg particularly affected)

Rhineland-Palatinate: 1062 (2 Deaths)

Saarland: 285 (1 Death)

Saxony: 650 (1 Death)

Saxony-Anhalt: 253

Schleswig-Holstein: 383 (1 Death)

Thuringia: 207 (1 Death)

Total (State-22.03., 9.00 PM): 22.364 (84 Dead, at least 289 Healed)

From yesterday (21.03., 20.00): 22.128 (76 Dead, at least 207 Healed)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries, the source to be Healed: John Hopkins University, Corona Resource Center  

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Corona-crisis: Many provinces restrict public life

Baden-Württemberg restricts the public life because of the Coronavirus on. Gatherings of people in public places with more than three people are no longer allowed, as Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Green party) said on Friday in Stuttgart. Exceptions there were for families and couples.

To contain the Coronavirus apply in the whole of Bavaria from Saturday’s far-reaching output restrictions. The Leaving of one’s own apartment is allowed only with valid reasons. This includes, among other things, on the way to work, shopping, doctor’s visits, but also Sport and exercise in the fresh air count but only alone or with the people with whom you live together. The Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced in Munich on Friday. The output restrictions apply to the 3. April. The police and the authorities to monitor their compliance with and Söder threatened with "high Bußgeldern".

Also, the Rhineland-Palatinate state government intensified in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, the restrictions on public life. You ordered on Friday the closure of pubs and gatherings of more than five people said.

Lower Saxony includes to combat the Corona epidemic from Saturday night all the Restaurants and cafes. The Prime Minister, Stephan Weil (SPD) announced on Friday in Hanover. The out-of-home sales of food, however, should remain possible.

Hesse wants to meanwhile, according to the words of Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) for the time being on curfews due to the Corona-crisis abandon. These are "one of the last Maßnahmen" could you put said Bouffier on Friday in Wiesbaden. The country had previously announced that meetings will be limited to a maximum of five people. Fines could be imposed, said Bouffier. He estimated the order of magnitude of 100 to 300 euros. He would appeal first to the mind of the people.

Hamburg will adopt in order to curb the Coronavirus is more far-reaching restrictions. All the Restaurants are closed and gatherings of more than six persons under the says, as mayor Peter Tschentscher announced on Friday, according to a Senate session. Exceptions apply for delivery services, as well as for families or groups of professionals.

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Important telephone numbers in case of Coronavirus is suspected

The government recommends that: In the case of Covid-19-symptoms is it to call better, instead of sitting in the waiting room.

  • 116 117: A Doctor’s On-Call Service
  • 115: Unitary Authorities Number
  • 0800 011 77 22: Independent Patient Counselling Germany
  • 030 346 465 100: citizens telephone of the Federal Ministry of health
  • “target=”_blank” class=”HP-tracking-comlinks ps-trackingname_FOLJAM_11741568 external link” title=”click Here for a free video consultation at the doctor” rel=”nofollow”>Coronavirus-suspected? Click here for a free video consultation with the doctor

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In order to determine who must be tested: Norway launches new Corona System

11.13 am: In Norway can now people your suspicions, themselves with the Coronavirus infected to have the health authorities, online tell. On the website of the authorities, a scheme is ready, in which you can enter, what are the symptoms, since when and if you suffer from chronic diseases. The information is anonymous and is intended to help the health institution, to get an Overview of how many people could be suffering from the Virus. As in many other countries, can also be in Norway, not everyone is tested, and the cold symptoms has. Until Saturday, around 2000, had been tested in Norway, around 50 000 people, positive. Seven people were killed.

German army respiratory protection masks and gowns returns to the circle Heinsberg

10.54 PM: In the Corona of the crisis in the German armed forces on Sunday morning began emergency relief to the most affected district of Heinsberg, to make. Soldiers of the ground, the auxiliary forces in Erkelenz 3000 respirator masks, 15 000 mouth – and nose protection masks, as well as 8000 gown. In addition, the Bundeswehr introduced two ventilators for intensive care units available, such as the land command, North Rhine-Westphalia, the German armed forces announced.

The district on the border to the Netherlands was one of the early focal points of the infection wave, and had asked the German army to help. The Material was compiled in the armed forces at several locations in Germany and trucks in the direction of Heinsberg hazards.

Concern in Israel: a number of Corona-Infected visited synagogues

10.38 PM: In Israel, a growing concern about a wave of Corona infections by religious events. Around a third of the last with the Virus-diagnosed individuals have visited in the days before her diagnosis synagogues, Torah schools and other religious institutions, such as the newspaper "Haaretz" (Saturday night) reported. The Ministry of health published the movement patterns of 95 patients. 32 of them were, therefore, in the days prior to their infection with the Jewish religious institutions.

The recent guidelines of the Ministry of health stipulate that the Israelis are only allowed to leave in urgent cases, their apartments and houses, including the participation in religious celebrations. Meetings are limited to a maximum number of participants of ten people. A public service of worship requires, under Jewish religious law for its validity the presence of at least ten men (minyan).

Iran rejects the help of the USA in Corona-crisis: "Worst Feind"

10.26 PM: Iran’s Supreme leader has in the Corona-crisis support of the United States refused, and again the possibility in the room, that the Americans have the Virus itself have been widely used. "We have many enemies, but the worst are the USA, ( … ), and want to us now helfen", Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday on state television. Khamenei, according to there is speculation that the US manufactured the Virus itself and spread, in order to weaken their enemies China and Iran. "Under these circumstances, should be Offered as a no attention to schenken", he said. dpa/Patrick Semansky/AP/dpa US President Donald Trump

Despite the tensions between Washington and Tehran, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had offered Iran by the end of February help in the fight against the Virus Sars-CoV-2. Khamenei had said earlier, it is possible that it was in the spread of the Coronavirus in Iran, a biological attack in the United States.

Of the Iranians and he expects that they followed the instructions of the Ministry of health and tolerated the closure of the Holy Islamic sites in Iran, said Khamenei, on Sunday next. While this happened for the first Time in Iran’s history, but the people should follow the instructions. "Iran has proven in the last 41 years that the country has the potential to overcome all crises. Also sein&quot this time;, Iran said the Supreme leader, has according to the Constitution, the last word in all strategic matters.

Coronavirus: South Korea reports decreasing numbers of cases

08.16 PM: South Korea experienced a sharp exchange of ascending and descending Figures in recorded infections with the Coronavirus. On Saturday, 98 cases had been added, were reported by health authorities on Sunday. On Friday, 147 people had been tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2-pathogens. The total number rose to just under 8900. The number of deaths associated with the Virus, in combination, indicated with 104.

Although it had set in March after the peak at the end of February with over 900 new infections within 24 hours of a downward trend. However, concern was of the authorities, least of all an increase in the number of smaller clusters of infection in parishes, hospitals or nursing homes, as well as of infected persons arriving from abroad.

On Sunday, tightened entry requirements for arrivals from Europe, were therefore once again in force. All travelers or returnees and are tested for the Virus. Even if the Test is negative, must be issued by the Concerned in-home quarantine, to the extent that they remain longer in South Korea.

The majority of newly reported cases of infection was again found in the southeastern million to the city of Daegu and the surrounding Region. The largest collection in the country there are followers of the Christian sect of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which is represented in Daegu strong Connections to China.

Trump wants to use the Malaria drug for Covid-19-treatment

08.19 PM: US President Donald Trump pressed for the use of a Malaria drug in the treatment of Covid-19-Sick. The active ingredient chloroquine, in combination with the antibiotic Azithromycin "one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of medicine sein", Trump promoted. The combination should "SOFORT" be used, he called on Saturday via Twitter. "What we have to lose?" he asked, following at a press conference in the White house.

Critics warned, however, that the use of a drug for a new purpose is never without risks. The Director of the National Institute for infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, sought to get in the White house, then, to put this in perspective Trumps enthusiasm: There is so far only anecdotal reports of efficacy of the drug, but no serious clinical studies. Fauci estimated that it is now a matter of the drug in a controlled and limited in use to gain data about the effectiveness of.

Also, the tübingen Institute for tropical medicine is planning to test the drug in the fight against Corona diseases in humans. At least in the test tube, the antimalarial drug active against the Virus Sars-CoV-2, as the head of the Institute Peter Kremsner on Wednesday had declared. In China and Italy very many Covid have been treated Kremsner, according to the-19-patients with chloroquine. It was unclear, however, whether or not with success, since the Diseased chloroquine had a part in very high dose and together with many other drugs. "It may also be that it works, or even schadet", Kremsner said.

Corona-crisis: Italy includes all "not lebensnotwendigen" Company

23: 59: Italy has in the fight against the devastating Coronavirus, the closure of all "not lebensnotwendigen" Companies and factories are arranged. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte said on Saturday evening in a televised address that the government had decided the country was all set, "which is not expressly necessary, essential, indispensable, to our basic Goods and services sicherzustellen".

This includes supermarkets, banks, Post office and pharmacies were excluded, said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte on Saturday evening. He spoke of the "the biggest challenge after the Second Weltkrieg". Reuters/Roberto Monaldo.Lapress/LaPresse, via ZUMA Press/dpa

The country had reported on Saturday, in only one day, nearly 800 people Dead and as many as never before since the outbreak of the Virus in the country. So far, 4825 people have died in the civil protection Department in Rome said. The 793 more than the day before. Particularly strong in the Northern Lombardy Region is affected, where the Virus by the end of February was broken out and the hospitals are now on the brink of collapse.

Italy is the country with the most officially reported deaths due to the Coronavirus to the world. The government had tightened the lock, therefore, only on the Friday of the output, since the 10. March is country wide. However, politicians called for a regional in the North further measures, also because some people still hold onto the requirements. In Lombardy, the outbreak had been noted a month ago. So far, for example, many factories and offices were opened, the people went to work.

The first Corona rapid test approved in the USA

23.03 at: In the USA, a quick test is approved, the within 45 minutes of an infection with novel Coronavirus to prove to. The accelerated approval marked an important step in order to increase the availability and speed of Tests, – said the head of the food and drug administration, FDA,, Stephen cock, on Saturday.

The Test will come from the manufacturer, Cepheid, according to mainly in hospitals and the possibility of infection with Sars-CoV-2 within 45 minutes recognize. In the FDA press release stated, the Test allows &quot,;within Stunden" To get the results. So far, Tests in the USA must be at labs sent; Results are usually only after several days. Cepheid plans to deliver the test next week.

So the Test works Cepheid that: In the case of a patient with a watt, a sample swab taken, for example from the nose. The sample is then placed in a special solution of the manufacturer and in a small cartridge transferred – not dissimilar to a print cartridge. This is then analyzed in a already for testing for other infections approved diagnostics device. Worldwide there are already 23,000 of the so-called gene Xpert machines, almost 5000 of them in the United States, the company said.

Where is Coronavirus? The real-time map showing the spread of the disease

FOCUS Online/Wochit Where occurs Coronavirus on? The real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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