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Only a threat of Macron should have led Johnson to the Lockdown

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 13 million people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, 200.938 of them in Germany. The United States reported almost daily new record numbers.

A strategic mistake with consequences: As the other European States in mid-March, far-reaching Lockdown measures in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, remained in the UK, shops, Bars and Restaurants continue to open. The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is first placed on the strategy of “herd immunity”, i.e., the targeted infection of the population. As new Figures predicted, however, the 500,000 Dead in just four months, moved to the UK, the strategy – and not yet an immediate Lockdown.

This is said to have angered the Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron, in neighbouring France so that he on 20. March a threat to Johnson and sent to: Act now, or we close the borders. The British “Times” reported. On the same day, Johnson announced the closure of Bars, Pubs and Restaurants, three days later, he ordered a comprehensive output restrictions.

A full closure of the lake and the tunnel boundary to France would have had for the UK, with devastating consequences. The island does not produce enough food for self-supply and is therefore reliant on imports from abroad. In the year 2018, imported UK food worth 50 billion euros, of which a large part will be delivered on the so-called “Eurotunnel” as well as the port in the French Calais.

At the start of the Corona-pandemic threatened in the UK for a short period of time even food shortages, reported the Times. Accordingly, health Minister Matt Hancock have received warnings that the food supply breaks even “in”. The reason: “the workers in the French ports showed up that first weekend, none”, – quotes the “Times” a government source. “It was not clear whether we would have ahead of us plenty of food.”

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