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Online mental health resources for Black people

The emotional and psychological burden of witnessing and experiencing racism, and fighting for justice during a pandemic is weighing heavily on Black people right now.

It is vital that Black people look after their mental health as they are at risk of burnout, fatigue, anxiety and depression because of global events.

Studies have highlighted the benefits of ethnic minorities seeking mental health treatment from a therapist or councilor of the same race, because of the need to deeply understand cultural contexts. But this is difficult both because of a lack of diversity in the profession, and the inaccessibility of mental health resources for minority communities.

So, we have pulled together a list of some of the most useful resources available – specifically for Black communities. Because there has never been a more important time to look after your psychological well-being as a Black person.

Black Thrive

Black Thrive is a Lambeth-based partnership between communities, statutory organisations, voluntary and private sector.

They work together to reduce the inequality and injustices experienced by Black people in mental health services.

They address the barriers which lead to poorer outcomes across a range of social factors, such as education, employment, housing, and so on, all of which may negatively impact your health and well-being. 

The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network

The UK’s largest independent organisation specialises in working psychologically, with people who identify as Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean.

Their aim is to address the inequality of access to appropriate psychological services for Black people, which is a well-recognised reality.

Their website provides a list of local and free resources and services for people of minority background who are seeking help.

Black Minds Matter

This group is working to make mental health topics relevant and accessible for all black people in the U.K.

They aim to fulfil this by connecting black individuals and families with professional mental health services across the U.K – and they have created a fund to do just that.

The site lists Black therapists and encourages people to get in touch in order to understand how finding the right therapist could be so beneficial.

Therapy for Black Girls

This Instagram account founded by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford has more than 324,000 followers and provides a wealth a fantastic resources, news and tips specifically for Black women.

On the website you can find therapists of colour to connect with, or simply read up on materials that teach resilience and strategies. They also have their own podcast.

Rest for Resistance

Rest for Resistance is a trans-led organisation that aims to empower LGBTQIA+ people of colour.

The US-based platform aims to be a safe online space that promotes meditation as an act of resistance, and features art, writing, and a directory of intersectional mental-health resources.

Melanin and Mental Health

Another US-based resource, Melanin and Mental Health aims to connect Black people to the right therapists, but in the UK you can make use of other resources on the site.

They host the ‘Between Sessions’ podcast featuring Black therapists talking about topics including how to support your friends and how to be productive during a pandemic.

They are also providing online therapy events and webinars during this period of social distancing.

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