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Lower evolutionary Fitness in the offspring of older mothers

The offspring of older mothers have a reduced fertility. Now, a possible evolutionary mechanism as a cause has been identified for this Ident.

In a recent joint study between the Woods hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Amsterdam, the Hole was investigated, why the offspring of older mothers have a reduced fertility. The results were published in the English scientific journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”

Studies on rotifers carried out

In the new study, rotifers (microscope were used small invertebrate animals), in order to investigate the fertility of the offspring of older mothers in several real and simulated environments. The researchers observe that negative effects on fertility occur in the offspring of older mothers were able to. This was reduced in all the studied environments significantly. The Nachkomen of the older mothers were often not as healthy or lived as long.

This study is unique as it combines laboratory data from previous research work with mathematical models, in order to clarify a long-standing question in the evolution of aging. Natural Selection should weed out the less fit Offspring of older mothers actually. Why, then, there is the phenomenon that the offspring of older mothers have with so many species an evolutionary disadvantage?

Selection pressure decreases with the age of the mother


In order to clarify this Problem, created the research group in mathematical models, which allowed for the first time, to calculate the strength of natural selection pressure on the Survival and fertility of populations of offspring as a function of the age of the mothers. Thus, it was found that this occurring selection pressure, decreases with the age of the mothers.

Selection leads to decreasing offspring pressure is less fit?

As the selection pressure decreases with increasing age of the mothers, he may not be strong enough to remove those less able bodied offspring from the Population, suggest the researchers. For this reason, the mothers will effect the senescence (aging physical changes) induced to continue and the population continues to develop, even if it leads to reduced Fitness, the researchers say.

Results enable further research

The Team developed models to a wide range of species to apply in order to assess the effects of maternal aging on the offspring. As long as experimental data on the lifespan and fertility of the offspring of mothers the presence of different ages, can examine the effect in many organisms, emphasize the researchers. This allows for a wide range of other investigations. (as)

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