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Oeko-Test discovered chopsticks pollutants in fish – popular brands by fall

Fish fingers always go: they are made quickly and many kids love them. Parents, you can, but usually with a good conscience on the table, as a comparison of the magazine “Öko-Test” (issue 7/2020) shows.

12 of the 20 fish sticks-variety cut with a “very good” or “good”. The 4 best products were characterized according to the report, by fish from sustainably managed fisheries with a transparent supply chain. At the same time, they were given in the pollutant test with a score of “very good”.

Test of Bio – and discount products

Were tested in both fish sticks out of the organic segment as well as supermarkets and discounters. In the case of the organic Followfish” and “Wild Ocean “were” the winner of the test, “Landur fish” got chopsticks, a “good”.

In the conventional variant, the chopsticks of “Bofrost” and “Käpt&apos convinced;n Iglo salmon sticks“ with the touch of One. With the judgment “good” cuts, among other things, “Almare Seafood” (Aldi Süd), “Eskimo” (Aldi North), “Frosta”, “Good & Cheap” (Edeka), “Ocean Sea” (Lidl), “Penny fish from sticks”, and “Tegut”. A further three products were “satisfactory”.

Öko-Test: Popular brands with "ungenügend" and "mangelhaft" punished

The “K-Classic fish sticks, 15-piece” were rated as “adequate”, three “deficient” – including the very popular classic fish sticks from “Käpt'n Iglo“. The fish sticks from the delivery service, “the Iceman” were based "ungenügend" punished.

In almost all of the products of so-called fat were detected pollutants – in the case of animal substances led to try to the part of kidney damage, and therefore they are classified as a concern. The highest concentrations of fat pollutants meadows, the products of Käpt'n Iglo and ice man to; In conjunction with traces of chlorate in both the poor overall scores come about. In the case of Eismann in addition, the method of fishing is not on the Produtkverpackung on the Internet verifiable.

Criticism of the method of fishing

A devaluation in the judgment it gave in the Organic “fish sticks from Pollock fillet” of Alnatura because of the method of fishing: The saithe is caught with bottom trawls. From a scientific point of view, so that the bottom of the sea will ravaged hard, criticize the Tester. Of the small inventory and the origin of the processed saithe were also problematic.

In two other products highly increased levels of the fat harmful substance 3 were detected according to “Öko-Test”-MCPD. In animal experiments, 3-MCPD is shown to be harmful to the kidneys. The European food safety authority has therefore established a maximum intake per day. A 30-kilogram child it would take already more, if you of these products up to five individual fish sticks to eat.

Healthier: fish sticks prefer to cook in the oven

A mixed answer, give the Tester on the question of whether fish sticks are healthy. For a high-quality protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and Iodine, salmon is also a good source of Vitamin D. the problem is the fat is to be delivered from the point of view of the Tester but breading – rich, especially if fish sticks to be fried in the pan. With five fish sticks children have taken a third of the recommended amount of fat per day. Parents can prepare but to counteract, by sticks the fish in the oven.

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