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New York study shows the surprising, the greatest risk factor for severe Covid-19-disease

The Coronavirus is at risk, especially the lives of the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. But what are the pre-existing condition has a particularly hard time? A study from the USA shows that It is the obesity.

People with pre-existing conditions have a particularly high risk for a severe course of Covid-19. Therefore, people with Diabetes, heart and lung disease or asthmatics and smokers from Scots all over the world to contract the Virus. However, an examination of the Langone Medical Center at New York University shows that The biggest risk people who are Overweight.

The "Welt" quotes the internist Christopher Petrilli, has created with his colleagues the study: "That was a pretty surprising result for uns". Because not only in combination with a serious pre-existing condition-obesity is a risk factor. Also alone considered obesity &quot was;bedeutend". Obesity is "in a substantially higher risk verhäötnis than any lung – or cardiovascular-Erkrankung", quoted the "Welt" out of the study.

What obesity means? A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 is called Overweight. From a BMI of 30, someone is considered obese.

How to calculate BMI? Weight of a person in kilograms / body height in metres squared.

As measured in the study, a severe course of the disease? People in the ICU, cared for, or even respiration must be.

Two important results of the study from New York

4100 patients, researchers are between 1 in. March and 1. April for the New York study used. The study will be further refined, as Petrilli to the "Welt". The main results so far:

1. Result: About 40 percent of patients admitted to hospital are obese, have been stated. In turn, 50 percent of these patients had to be ventilated.

2. Result: Obese people under 60 years of age, the Corona developing, you need to twice as likely to be hospitalized and twice as likely to be intensive medical care as normal weight for your age. These Figures are higher than in the group of Over-60-Year-old. 

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Similar study results from other countries

In other Parts of the world, scientists have researched the paths is a connection between obesity and serious Covid-19 -.

1. Results: physicians from Wuhan published an analysis that more than 88 percent of the Corona dead with a BMI of more than 25 had.

2. Results: researchers from Lille came to the result that more than 75 percent of the patients in the ICU obese to severely obese are. The probability that a Patient has to be ventilated, increased with the BMI.

Why at risk are overweight people especially? As the "Welt" writes, there are two approaches to an explanation. For one, obese people are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases. In addition, the fat tissue, from secretions that enable virtually a continuous inflammation in the body. The Covid-19 meeting-excitation as well as the inflammation, makes this a particularly serious inflammation probably, Internist Petrilli. The result of the meanwhile well – known cytokine storm-an Overreaction of the immune system.

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Age as a risk factor – current knowledge

"The risk of developing heavy, increases with age, starting at about 40 Jahren", the world health organization (WHO) explains and classifies people over 60 years – in addition to chronic a hospital as a risk group. Since the beginning of the pandemic, data collected to support this evaluation.

According to a study at the end of March in the journal "The Lancet" appeared, the mortality rate in Chinese patients in the age group 60 to 69 years, at four per cent, compared to 1.4 percent in the totality of the patient. In the 70 – to 79-Year-old, the mortality rate rose to 8.6 percent in the Patients over 80 years of age to 13.4 percent.

Also, the proportion of patients that must be treated in hospital, according to the study, with the age heavily. It is in people between 40 and 49 years of age, about four out of a hundred, increases the proportion in the over 80-Year-olds to 18.4 percent. Particularly high mortality rates in many countries in old-age homes with frail elderly.

The most important findings on risk factors

The number of years of life alone is not decisive for the risk of developing difficult to Covid-19. Some health problems occur with age, more common, such as the National Academy of medicine declared in France. The decisive factor is the biological age, however. A sporting 90-Year-old is less vulnerable than someone with 70 years in the nursing home.

That much of the new disease is still unknown, making it difficult to define risk groups. "It is at the Moment very difficult to predict which patients haben&quot heavy gradients;, the infection login Florence Ader says.

Heart and lung diseases, Diabetes, obesity, but also diet, as well as the mental and spiritual Constitution played, in General, the susceptibility to disease of older people, a role, says Olivier Guérin, President of the French society for geriatrics and gerontology. Which of these factors are crucial for the response to the Coronavirus, is still unclear.

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