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Mum gives birth in 13 minutes on floor of disabled toilet

Laura Stibbards was on her way to hospital on the day of her planned induction when her waters broke in the car.

In the end, her baby came so quickly, she had to give birth in a disabled toilet at the hospital door as she didn’t have time to get to the maternity ward.

The 34-year-old, from Southend, Essex, welcomed Emilia Grace just 13 minutes after leaving the house on 16 July.

Her husband Simon cut the umbilical cord as she sat on a bin.

The new mum, explained: ‘I was four days overdue and booked in for an induction later that day.

‘There were no signs of labour at all until my older daughter woke up crying at 1.30am on 16 July.

‘I noticed what could be a contraction, after a few more I went downstairs and left my husband sleeping as I figured there was no point in us both not getting any sleep.’

Laura spent a few hours bouncing on a gym ball before waking up her husband and enjoying a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.

‘We called the hospital shortly after and they said to come down to be assessed,’ she said.

‘We left the house around 6.40am for the hospital, by which time the contractions were a lot stronger, and I felt the baby pushing down.

‘Halfway to the hospital my waters burst and I actually apologised to my husband about his wet car seats – not that he was worried!

‘The car stalled en route which was slightly concerning in the moment but we made it to the hospital car park.’

But Laura could barely walk and as she struggled to the door of the hospital, two passing midwives who were about to start their shifts offered to find a wheelchair and take her up to the ward.

Laura said: ‘I realised my baby was coming right then and with no time to get up to the ward, they took me to the disabled toiler to offer me some dignity and called up for supplies.

‘They helped me undress my lower half and as the trousers came down baby popped out at 6.53am and they caught her safely, cleaned her up and wrapped her in a towel.

‘I sat on the bin while my husband cut the umbilical cord and gave our baby girl her first cuddle.’

Emilia Grace Stibbards was born weighing a healthy 8lb 3oz and her doting parents can’t get enough of her.

‘Her big sister Jessica who is two-and-a-half is loving helping mummy and daddy look after her and, other than not much sleep, are all doing well and loving getting to know Emilia.’

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