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MRSA germs in packaged BBQ meat found

Bad news for the Amateur grill master: the Tester have been found in pre-packaged, marinated grill meat, antibiotic-resistant MRSA germs. 14 percent of the samples in several German cities were impacted. The bacteria can cause wound infections and inflammation of the Airways.

Pre-packaged, marinated BBQ meat is loaded a sample in the order of the Green that often with germs that are resistant to certain antibiotics. 14 percent of the 13 cities sampled were positive on the so-called MRSA bacteria, better known as hospital germs, tested.

The Green group in the Bundestag, on Sunday confirmed according to a report by the news magazine "Spiegel". The germs can cause, according to the Federal Institute for risk assessment, wound infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract. Against some antibiotics, the germs are resistant.

Misuse of antibiotics

Examines the BBQ meat was cheer from all the major supermarket chains, and disco, as it was called Green-group circles. Find the Tester in Kiel, Berlin, and Münster had become. According to "Spiegel" were MRSA-germs detected about pork neck steaks in pepper marinade or marinated Turkey minced steaks.

For the Emergence of the germs, excessive or incorrect use of antibiotics Cain of the mass animal husbandry is of the view that the Green responsible. "The various germ-resistance is a ticking Zeitbombe", the agricultural policy spokesman of the Green party, Friedrich Ostendorff said. The Federal government have so far taken no decisive action to stop the abuse of antibiotics in factory farming.

At the end of may, the Greens had already found in a number of sausage products problematic germs. In ten out of 63 sausage samples ESBL had been-germs detected, which may also be resistant to common antibiotics.

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