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Model shares dramatic snaps of skin transformation and tells fans not to give up

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A model has inspired thousands after opening up about her battle with her severe acne breakouts.

Australian Georgia Gibbs has discussed her skin transformation after the problem returned.

She told others suffering from the condition that things often get worse before they get better.

In a post on Instagram, Georgia uploaded a side-by-side photo of her skin two years apart.

The model stated that – despite thinking she had healed her skin for good – the acne returned.

She said it left her “emotionally drained” and “exhausted”.

The star has previously made headlines after describing how she naturally cured her acne.

But then it flared up again – and put her in a dark place.

She began suffering from “crazy” rosacea which she said had been a bitter pill to swallow after thinking she had solved her skin issues.

“This post is for you, for the girls struggling with their skin, chronic illness, auto immune disorders, extreme stress, hormonal problems,” Georgia wrote on Instagram.

She added: “This post is for you, to tell you healing is not linear, healing is complex, no one will ever understand how exhausting, how emotionally draining and how discouraging it can be so I’m here to tell you I get it.

“If you’re clearing out your body remember there will be an affect on your skin, your skin is a detox organ."

Georgia was swiftly praised by her followers after opening up.

“So amazing, so brave, so real, so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing,” one of her fans wrote.

Another told her: “Love you for sharing this.

"I had similar issues – so good to let others know they are not alone.”

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