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Men’s health warning: Eight signs in your body that could signal something more serious

Cancer, vitamin deficiency and cardiovascular disease are just a few of the serious health issues affecting men this day and age. But these health problems can often be prevented through early detection. So what signs should you be looking out for? Dr Amir appeared on ITV’s This Morning to outline eight symptoms in the body to watch for.


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Memory problems

Dr Amir said: “Male or female, people are worried about their memory and being diagnosed with dementia.

“Memory problems are not just exclusive to older people and can start as early as 60. But it does need investigating.”

Dr Amir added: “It doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s causing you memory problems.”

Memory problems aren’t always the signal dementia, according to Dr Amir. It can also be the sign of conditions like iron deficiency and an underachieve thyroid.


According to Dr Amir, three weeks is the magic number. If your cough lasts longer than three weeks, if you have a hoarse voice and a sore throat, it could be signs of throat cancer or lung cancer.

A hoarse voice or sore that can be signs of a viral infection, but most viral infections usual sort themselves out in three weeks.

Chest pain

Men are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease than women, said Dr Amir. But experiencing a niggling pain or a “heavy sensation” in the chest cold be a sign of angina.

Dr Amir said: “Walking, going to the shops and getting a niggle in the chest, and then sitting down and it goes away, you do need to worry about that.

“It can be a sign of angina.”

Dr Amir added: “This is where coronary arteries, that should be open, are clogged up.

“South Asian and Afro Caribbean people are at risk.”


If you’re over 55 and you’ve got new symptoms of indigestion, Dr Amir advises going to see your GP.

It could be a sign of stomach or oesophageal cancer.


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Change in bowel habits

If you’re over the age of 60, any change in bowel habit should be of concern. This can be for any length of time, in men or women, but Dr Amir recommends seeing your GP.

Erectile dysfunction

Dr Amir explained erectile dysfunction is usually separated into two camps – psychological and physical.

Your doctor may ask three questions – are you still getting morning erections, are you able to masturbate to climax, and is your sex life OK with your partner.

Dr Amir said: “If there are problems with all three, it could be a sign of cardiovascular disease.

“If you’re not having problems with the first two, then it could be psychological anxiety.”


If you’ve got a lump, funny sensation, or if anything changes in your testicals, you should go get them checked out.

Dr Amir advises checking your testicals after having a warm water shower.

Urinary issues

One of the most common cancers in men over the age of 40 is prostate cancer.

Dr Amir said if you have problems with steam of urine, having to push harder to get it out, or dribble after, you should go see your GP.

While these can be signs of prostate cancer, there are far more common conditions which can cause these symptoms, such as an enlarged prostate.


If you go out for walks and experience pain in the calves or walk up the stairs and experience pain, there could be a problem with your circulation.

Dr Amir said: “If your blood flow isn’t as good here, it can be a sign of cardiovascular disease elsewhere.”

The TV doctor concluded: “They might seem like minor things but we [doctors] can either sort them out or point you in the right direction.”

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