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Man left with a three-month erection after getting a nose job

When Neven Ciganovic woke up from getting a nose job, he was more than a little surprised to notice he had an erection.

He was even more surprised when that erection didn’t go away for three months, and required three surgeries to get it back to normal.

The blogger, stylist, and TV personality, from Croatia, had developed a priapism – a painful long-lasting erection not accompanied by sexual desire – after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery in Iran to correct his septum back in 2017.

Doctors still aren’t sure why this happened, but Neven believes the unexpected side effect may have been caused by a food supplement he had been taking to boost his gym performance, as the pills claim to boost male sex drives.

He was lucky to have the problem fixed by three surgeries and says he is now happy with his penis-related function, even declaring that he ‘lasts much longer than other guys’.

‘Thank God I don’t have any problems with my priapism anymore,’ Neven said. ‘Even now after this complication, I’m happy because my erection still lasts much more longer than other guys.

‘When I woke up from anaesthesia after my nose job with priapism, I went through a really hard time – literally hard.

‘I had a full erection for almost three months. I think I even brought down the world record.

‘I had three surgeries on my penis, and after the third one, my willy started to go down. It was a really painful experience, but I survived with my head up high.

‘Doctors don’t have any real theories as to why this happened to me and actually this can happen during the anaesthesia, deep sleep or for reasons like genetics, blood pressure or problems in the veins, but in my case, they’re not sure what caused the problem.

‘Then a few months ago, I was cleaning my closet and I found some food supplements named L-Arginine, that I had been taking at the time for more strength in the gym and I read on the box how there are possible side effects with your blood pressure and that this supplement pumps blood in your veins and this can cause this problem.

‘I also read that it can help boost a man’s sex drive, but at the time I didn’t know that this could happen to me, I just used it to help at the gym.’

The rhinoplasty isn’t the first surgery Deven has had done and won’t be the last.

Since his teens Deven, who’s now 48, has always had a clear idea of how he wants to look as he gets older, having fallen in love with the look of male Bratz dolls.

He had his first cosmetic surgery in the form of fillers in his lips back in 1992, and has maintained his youthful appearance with three nose jobs, Botox injections, cheekbone implants, and fillers in his jaw and chin.

Deven also makes sure to work out four to five days a week and does special exercises – known as mewing – in an attempt to make his face look more chiselled.

But despite his love of tweakments, Deven is keen to raise awareness of the risks and urges those pursuing surgey to do his research.

He’s now set up a consultation agency to help recommend people reputable surgeons.

Deven said: ‘For those who decide to have surgery please be careful with what doctor you go to, check reviews on the internet, check his expertise because you can go very wrong.

‘After the world found out what happened to me after my last nose job, people started to contact me asking for my advice, recommendations, to help them to make the right decision when it comes to surgery.

‘I started my own business giving consultations and helping people to choose the right clinics and right doctors for the procedures they are planning to do.

‘I have started running one clinic in Croatia with specialists. We do surgeries based on the knowledge and experience I have learned from many doctors around the world.

‘I will be glad if I can help people make the right decision.’

Oh, and along with that consultation venture, Deven has also set up an OnlyFans under his stage name, Rick Vendeta, because why invest in your appearance if you’re not going to make some money from it?

‘What I like the most about my look is that it’s really difficult to guess my age. I don’t look too young but I also don’t look too old,’ he said.

‘I just have a pretty friendly face that everyone can find something to love about. If not, they hate me completely.

‘Before all my surgeries, I used to be unhappy with my looks, like I was always missing something but I had a clear picture of how I wanted to look in the end.

‘The reaction to my look from both men and women is divided, there are guys who like this different look and there are some who think my look is weird, too much, or a bit freaky.

‘But it’s normal that people have their own opinion, it is impossible to be liked by everyone.

‘The only message I want to spread about beauty is to let people do what makes them feel happy and good in their own skin.’

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