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Laura Prepon Says Her Ongoing Mom Guilt Can Become ‘Overwhelming’ in Rare Interview

Laura Prepon recently revealed that being a mom may be stressful, but you can do it! In a recent, exclusive interview with US Magazine, Prepon discussed everything from her mom- guilt to how the constant balancing act as a mother is still a very prevalent thing that needs to be discussed.

“The work-life balance is tough. You wanna be home with your kids and then when you’re with your kids, you’re like, ‘I should be working.’ And that mom guilt is still an issue,” she said. “I really have to balance work life and mom life. Parents have been dealing with it for a very, very long time, I’m sure, but that kind of balance is definitely hard.”

But the Orange Is the New Black star admitted the mom guilt can be overwhelming. She said, “You figure it out and we have a great family dynamic. Thank goodness. We’ll figure it out, but that’s probably the toughest thing —being away from them when I’m at work. The guilt is just overwhelming sometimes.”

Mom guilt is very common, with many celebrity moms shining a much-needed light on the discussion.

Prepon and her husband Ben Foster have two children together: a daughter named Ella, 4, and a son whose name they haven’t shared with the public who was born in early 2020, 2.

In a previous interview with E! Online, Prepon divulged that motherhood threw her for a loop. Before motherhood, she was the friend everyone went to to stay grounded, but being a mom changed that a bit. She said, “I was so surprised when I first became a mother at how thrown I was, and how it was this seismic shift of my life.”

The That 70s Show star added, “It was this Mama Bear times ten. I felt like I couldn’t protect my child from whatever—a fire engine driving up the street I felt like was an attack on my family. I was so riddled with anxiety which is so not me. It was stress, it was loss of control because now your baby is outside of your body so it’s like your heart is outside of your body. I didn’t know how to deal with it and I was really struggling with all of it.”

Even when you’re famous, Mom Guilt is a thing, as these celebrity moms show.

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