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Keke Palmer’s Baby Leo Is a Mini Fashion Critic With Tiny Socks & Sandals

Babies channeling their inner grandparent will never stop being cute, and Keke Palmer’s son  Leodis “Leo” Andrellton nailed it.

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Her 3-month-old baby wears tiny socks and sandals, a button-down shirt, and a newsboy cap in a new video, and we are screaming laughing at how cute he is.

“Baby Leo has to really HOLD BACK sometimes with Mama’s fashion sense,” Palmer captioned a video on Instagram. In it, she’s trying on clothes for her son, and he’s playing a fashion critic while dressed like a mini grandpa.

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“Leeeooo!” Palmer trills in the video, as she twirls in a colorful dress. “I need your opinion. What do you think of this look?”

Leo, who Palmer shares with boyfriend Darius Jackson, is wearing a coral Hawaiian-print shirt with a gray cap. He’s propped up against pillows, eyeing his mama. A man speaks Leo’s innermost thoughts in the video, saying, “Oh, lady. You want the truth or what you wanna hear?” Later, he jokes that he’ll say whatever she wants to hear so he can get a “nap.” Classic old man move, Leo.

Leo’s whole look is amazing. He scrunches his face and gives his mom a side-eye in the video, and everything from his face to his tiny socks and sandals are sending me. He is living his best grandpa life at the ripe old age of three months, and we are obsessed.


  • We Weren’t The Only Ones Freaking Out Over Baby Leo

    Image Credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

    The comments were full of people praising baby Leo’s style. 

    “His little socks and sandals. It’s giving Uncle Babay!” one person wrote. 

    Someone else said, “That baby dressed like a sweet grandpa 😍 I love it.”

    “Leo is sick of her shenanigans already 😂😂😂,” another said. “Po baby
    But Leo, let me tell you she’s going to SHA-NAN- again and AGAIN😂😍.”

    Someone else said, “Leo just tries to live his best life. He just got here. He dont feel like alladat.” So true.

  • Keke Palmer Welcomed Leo in Feb. 2023

    Image Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

    The True Jackson, VP star welcomed her baby boy in Feb. 2023. She shared several photos announcing his birth, writing that she and Jackson “became each other’s someone and made a someone, look at God! 😆”

    In April, she shared a video of Leo’s epic side-eye, writing, “And to think! Just last April fools I ‘joked’ about being preggers … we manifested you little buddy! I love hanging with you and you just be looking crazy like a caveman. 🥹🤣😍😘”

    “He already tired of me,” she added.

  • Baby Leo Made His Red Carpet Debut in April

    Image Credit: Derek White/WireImage

    Baby Leo made his red carpet debut in April, at a screening of Palmer’s Big Boss movie. He snoozed contentedly on the red carpet as photographers snapped family pictures. 

    Later, Palmer wrote about the experience: “So happy that my LO was able to attend, being with him is all that’s ever on my mind.” Aww!

    It seems Palmer has fully embraced motherhood, and all the joy (and entertainment!) it brings. We’re going to need more videos starring baby Leo, please! And if he’s wearing his little sock-and-sandal combo, all the better.

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