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Kate Upton Adorably Incorporates Her Daughter into Her At-Home Workout

Kate Upton’s 1½-year-old is hitting the gym!

The supermodel, 27, adorably incorporated her daughter, Genevieve, into her at-home workout in a video posted to her Instagram page Tuesday.

In the video, Upton does a series of lunges while holding her baby. At one point she even pauses to kiss Genevieve, whom she shares with husband Justin Verlander, on the forehead.

“My baby girl is my favorite addition to my @strong4mefit workouts,” Upton captioned the sweet post.

In the past, Upton has been open about her workout routine and said for the last several years, she has tried to focus on strength rather than weight loss.

“My whole mindset changed so much, instead of trying to fit into this perfect mold that I thought I was trying to be,” Upton told PEOPLE in April 2019. “As soon as I started caring about my strength, I felt healthier. I felt stronger. I was able to have more energy and be more active. And I was happier, honestly.”

Upton said her strategies for remaining active as a mom include “finding good workouts, eating healthy and putting myself first at some point during the day,” adding that her new mindset towards fitness has helped her have a stronger body image today than she did as a young model.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover star said that this approach to working out was particularly important after giving birth to her daughter in November 2018, noting that exercising postpartum was “so hard.”

“I am definitely making progress, and there’s little wins,” she said at the time. “I personally don’t love getting on the scale too much, because it fluctuates from so many things, like breastfeeding, or if I’m bloated or too hydrated or not hydrated enough. It’s kind of a buzzkill when you see that number. So I always try to focus on my weights — am I going up in weights, do I feel stronger when I’m doing lunges. I’m definitely getting stronger and feeling better.”

“I want to be a good example to her, to be healthy and care about myself so I can be a great mom,” Upton continued.

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