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Jeannie Mai-Jenkins’ Adorable Video Shows She’s the Proudest Mom in the World As Her Daughter Learns New Words

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Jeannie Mai-Jenkins is ready to help her daughter Monaco navigate the next big part of her life: talking! She’s helped her walk, she’s helped her crawl, and now she’s ready to have those adorable mommy-daughter conversations with her newly one-year-old daughter.

On Jan 13, Mai-Jenkins uploaded a snippet from her show Hello Hunnay, with the caption, “So.. Coco’s an alpha?? 👀 This lil girls personality is FULLY outside and I gotta learn everything I can to keep up 🙃😳 Moms y’all were right.. IT DOES GO BY SO FAST!! Turning one with @dr.cyndie for Coco’s first words! New @hellohunnayshow #linkinbio.”

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In the video, we see Mai-Jenkins (rocking a super chic brown turtleneck) talking to pediatrician Dr. Cyndie Hatcher, MD, about a huge milestone “every mom thinks about:” hearing your baby talk!

“Monaco’s not there yet, but I can see the baby talk: she’s rapping, she’s got verses, bars! I’m like, ‘it’s about to come!’ I want to learn, as a mom, how I can prepare Monaco to speak at the time she’s ready and to be a boss at being able to use her words,” Mai-Jenkins said excitedly.

Hatcher responded by saying that this is her favorite subject to talk about because it’s a tool kids will be using “for life,” and they jumped right into the exercises! The three of them (including little Monaco) go to the kitchen, where they show her a flashcard with the photo of a spoon on it, repeating the word “spoon.”

As they continue this, Monaco is making sounds and properly using a spoon, showing them that she indeed understands, and is ready to learn.

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Seriously, this video is too cute for words; Monaco is growing up so fast! In fact, it was recently her first birthday — we know; where has the time gone?!

In late 2021, Mai-Jenkins confirmed her pregnancy with her husband Jeezy, on her show The Real. Then on Jan. 11, 2022, the pair welcomed their ever-so-emotive daughter Monaco Mai-Jenkins, 1.

In a recent interview with EOnline, Mai-Jenkins talked about how she and Jeezy will be spoiling their daughter in a very special way. “Monaco is next-level loved. I used to say that I don’t want her to get over-spoiled, but I don’t think it’s such a thing to be spoiled with love. I don’t want her to be over-spoiled with material things, but love? Pour it all on,” she said.

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