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Individual burial and brought Ebola to Sierra Leone

Ebola spread in Sierra Leone an explosion. The outbreak seems to be on a single funeral due. 14 women are there seem to have been infected with the Virus and have carried the disease in the country.

A single funeral for the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone is responsible? At least dozens of Ebola cases seem to be of a single meeting in may assumed. At the funeral of a healer in the city, Another in Sierra Leone, 14 women were infected, which would have spread the disease further. The &quot reported;New York Times".

The healer was known for treating victims of a mysterious disease. Now this turned out to be Ebola.

Studies in Boston and Harvard

Local Doctors conjectured that the explosive spread of the disease in Sierra Leone, could be in connection with the funeral. Geneticists from the universities of M. I. T. and Harvard were the suspicion and analyzed 78 cases in Sierra Leone. Through blood tests they found out that actually all of them are due to the infected funeral guests.