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In spite of the Corona-crisis: supply of medicines through pharmacies is secured

Pharmacists in Germany have to do in the current Situation, all hands full. Patients need not however to fear, that drugs are no longer have to: as before, there is no by the Corona-crisis-caused shortages in the supply of medicines, such as the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. reported.

In order to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus have agreed the Federation and the Länder to drastic measures: there are Many shops, Bars, Clubs, museums, theatres, cinemas, sports facilities and playgrounds remain closed, in hospitals and senior citizens homes Visiting policy. Supermarkets, drugstores, banks, gas stations and pharmacies remain open. Also, the supply of drugs in this country is ensured.

“We know the shortage of supply for years. And make the pharmacies a lot of work. Additional problems could be attributable to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, not we but fest", ABDA-President Friedemann Schmidt says. He could not rule out that the effects of the crisis in the course of the year are also in the drug supply in Germany noticeably. "But currently, we can provide the patients properly. Also, the manufacture of disinfectants in the pharmacy own labs, it is by now well angelaufen", Schmidt says.

No reason für Hamsterkäufe

To drugs for self-medication, there is no shortage. Seasonal would be in demand at the Moment, especially remedy for cold symptoms, for which there would be a variety of preparations from different manufacturers, so Schmidt. The pharmacies have appropriate stocks. "Therefore, there is no reason for concern and no reason to hoard medicine."

Schmidt also called for consumers not to be by Fake News about medicines confuse. "If suddenly news of alleged dangers or wonder of the effects of certain drugs spread in the network, then caution is geboten", Schmidt says. He advises, in the case of uncertainties in the local pharmacy to ask.


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