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Health Lottery ‘to create more winners’ with two new weekly £100k free prize draws

Since The Health Lottery began in 2011, there have been a staggering 12 million winners, picking up more than £150million in prize money.

And that number is set to soar even higher thanks to a change to the game for 2020 which promises to create more winners than ever before.

Now when you buy a ticket for the main £25,000 Health Lottery Draw on a Wednesday or Saturday, your numbers will now also be entered into a free prize draw to win £100,000 on those days which comes straight after the main draw. In addition, every £1 spend gives players automatic entry into a monthly £250,000 Mega Draw.

So that means for each £1 ticket you buy on Wednesday or Saturday, you get entered into THREE draws with a combined jackpot up for grabs of £375,000 in tax free cash!

Martin Ellice, Group Joint Managing Director of the Health Lottery, said the change will create even more winners. He explained: “Not only will this create more winners, but we expect to see a significant increase in money to good causes. Alongside the new £100,000 draws we plan to run other exciting free prize draws for the chance to win cars, holidays and shopping sprees. So keep your eyes peeled!”

More than £112MILLION has been raised for all sorts of great causes across Great Britain – supporting more than 3,000 deserving projects.

Whenever you play charity lottery games from The Health Lottery, you are supporting someone who needs help in one way or another.

The Health Lottery operates as 12 local society lotteries representing different areas of Great Britain. Regions take turns hosting draws to raise money for their local area, meaning that everyone gets an equal share of the pot to put towards good causes. 

Health Lottery Scotland benefited from all draws in the month ending January 31 2020.

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