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Protective effect of green tea extract?

To Add green tea extract to foods seems to protect against infection with the Norovirus. The Virus is considered to be one of the major causes for vomiting and diarrhea.

In a study by the Ohio State University, it was found that coatings or protective films with green tea extract can protect foods from diarrhoea. The results were published in the English journal “Journal of Food Science”.

What noroviruses are?

So-called norovirus is regarded as the most important causative agent of diarrhea in humans. Noroviruses are highly infectious, they can be transferred from person to person and through the consumption of contaminated water and food.

Edible protective films in food are widely used

Many foods now contain edible coatings and edible protective films, for example, improve the appearance (as in the case of Apples, which Shine through wax). Many people probably will not even be aware that they consume food containing such coatings.

What is the new protective film with green tea can extract?

Some edible protective films are enriched with antimicrobial active ingredients, the disease is killing-causing organisms such as E. coli and mold, or their growth may slow down. The new investigation was due to the addition of green tea extract to a protective film-forming substance creates a barrier that kills norovirus, as well as two types of bacteria.

Protective film to kill a Virus?

While most of the progress in antimicrobial packaging, the focus was on the control of bacteria, this result is promising for a newer area of research – the use of an edible protective film to kill of viruses, explain the researchers. The Norovirus is a Virus without envelope, which in some cases even disinfectants and antimicrobials may resist.

A protective film was prepared with Chitosan

The new protective film was created with the help of a substance called Chitosan. This sugar is normally in the exoskeleton of shellfish. Chitosan is marketed as a dietary Supplement for weight decrease and in agriculture, and used in medicine. Chitosan has been studied as a safe and readily available compound for the development of edible protective films extensively, report the researchers.

Protective film with green tea extract killed the Virus effectively from

The research group found that Chitosan kills alone, the Norovirus. In the Test of the effect of the green tea extract turned out, however, that several different concentrations of the extract anti had viral properties and is effective against the Norovirus-cells were. The highest concentration was even able to get all viruses in a day to kill. This led the researchers to the presumption that the anti-viral properties of green tea out extract.

Green tea extract killed dangerous bacteria

Although the Norovirus was the focus of the investigation, the researchers also to reduce the green tea extract is also able to was E. coli K12 and Listeria innocua within 24 hours to undetectable values.

Further research is needed

There is still much to do, until the green tea extract treated protection market films are really ripe. A tricky part of the edible protection is to ensure that enough is used to achieve the microbial killing effect, without changing the taste or smell of the food.

Problems due to anti-microbial substances in foods

“A higher concentration of a natural antimicrobial substance could lead to a sharp drop in the target organism, but at the same time, the Use of the food by Adding an unpleasant taste or odor to naught gemacht&#8221 is;, study author Professor Melvin Pascall of Ohio State University in a press release stated. It is important, therefore, to take into account all aspects of antimicrobial substances are used in food. (as)

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