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Genetics can be worked around: Milind Soman’s better half Ankita Konwar shares her fitness mantra

Milind Soman’s better half Ankita Konwar is as much a fitness enthusiast as her husband, and a scroll through her social media profile will reveal the many ways in which the 29-year-old maintains her lean physique and maintains her health. In the post Ankita is seen running barefoot by the sea, her feet covered in sand as she sports a neon green sports bra and slate gray running shorts and her hair up in a pony tail. She explained via her post that having an active lifestyle is not just about staying fit physically but much more than that. She wrote, “An active lifestyle is not just about staying fit physically, it’s much more than that. It requires a certain amount of discipline for anyone to lead a healthy life. Healthy from mind, spirit and body.”

She continued to add that people often say they don’t have the time, understanding or genetics to maintain their health, “Yes it takes less than a minute to say “I don’t know how you do it” or “I don’t have the time for it” or “I don’t have such genetics”. But it takes time and discipline to realise, ‘anyone can do it’ or ‘you can always manage time for your priorities’ or ‘genetics can be worked around.”

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She then wrote about how she too came from a family of heart patients, diabetics, and Chronic Kidnet Disease patients and that these diseases are accumulated by one’s self because of leading bad lifestyles, “I come from a family of heart patients, diabetics, and CKD patients. And all of these are by the way self accumulated by following a really bad lifestyle. I’m not judging anyone for their choices in life but putting a reminder that just because one is surrounded by a certain type of people, certain habits, doesn’t mean one has to get stuck there. We can always be the one to take the first step towards change, that leap of faith.”

She ended on a positive note that it is all about taking the effort and the exhilaration when one sees change, “I cannot possibly describe in words the feeling when I was approaching the finish line of my first full marathon. That sense of self belief! The realisation that I was the first person in my family to complete a full marathon! The joy of a feeling of change, however little that may be.”

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