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Gang's All Here! Kate Hudson Catches All Three of Her Kids in One Photo: 'Once in a Blue Moon'

Kate Hudson wrangled all three kids in one place!

The Oscar nominee, 41, documented the sweet moment her trio of children — sons Ryder, 16, Bingham "Bing" Hawn, 9, and daughter Rani Rose, 2 — gathered at home for a FaceTime session. In the snapshot, little Rani smiles beside Bing as Ryder steadies the phone for the virtual conversation.

"Got 'em again! 3 in 1 pic 😅 #thankgodforfacetimes #onceinabluemoon," Hudson captioned the post.

Speaking with PEOPLE last month, Hudson admitted she is a "strict mother" at home, explaining that her parenting approach "came as a surprise to my entire family when I became a mother."

"But it's the things that I'm strict about," she said. "Where I am strict is that there are certain rules that I put down. I don't negotiate with my kids about certain things. And what I realized about that is that when you set that standard in your home, you don't end up in long-winded negotiations. When I say no, it's done."

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Hudson said she appreciates structure in her wellness routine and her parenting, and said parents "need to create reasonable boundaries [and] draw some lines in the sand so that [children] can test them."

"And that's, I think, an important part of their development, how far they can push something," she said. "And how you as a parent handle it is a huge part of growing up."

The Almost Famous star said she is "very, very strict about manners," and she has "no tolerance" whatsoever for lies — "tiny lies or the big ones!"

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Hudson, however, made sure to note that she isn't always strict and that she allows room for her kids to make mistakes. "When it comes to your feelings or emotions … I'm very open," the Fabletics co-founder revealed. "I give my children a lot of space to make mistakes."

She also said she doesn't judge other parents or their methods for raising children either, saying, "There's way too much judging going on in the world."

Added Hudson, "We all need to have an open mind and feel good about what we're doing and let other people live the way they want to live."

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