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For his Corona-exceptionalism Sweden is already paying a high price

In Stockholm it is since a few days, similar to Sunny as in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. And yet there is a difference: On the weekend, outdoor cafes and Parks in the Swedish capital were well filled with visitors – something you could only dream of in other European cities such as London, Paris and Madrid at the moment. In spite of the risk of Infection with the Coronavirus, the Swedes enjoy significantly more freedom of movement. The Swedish exceptionalism in the Corona-crisis has triggered in several countries, confusion.

In many places, and, not least, the neighbours in Denmark and Norway, one wonders if the Swedes knowingly and with open eyes in the catastrophe to run – or your strategy will pay off.

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Unlike in the other Scandinavian countries and in large Parts of Europe the Swedish government does not interfere with extremely strict measures such as the closure of schools and Restaurants in the everyday life of its citizens. The people will only be placed to the heart to keep my distance and to stay at home if they are sick. Cafes and restaurants, hairdressers, shopping centres and fitness studios are more open. Also in the kindergartens and primary schools up to the ninth class, there is vivid operation.

Sweden is paying a high price

Kristina Lundgren tried to keep to the recommendations. She is well over 80, and their age group, the government strongly recommends that close contacts to other people to avoid. In your block of flats in Stockholm, she lives with elderly and students. Your weekly Coffee Klatch and the cinema screening had been cancelled, and if Lundgren hits the Free on neighbors, keeping two meters distance. “We have to stick to the rules,” she says. Her cousin had recently died as a result of the lung disease Covid-19. However, for the young people in the house that seems to be not relevant. “I notice that the invite despite the recommendations of the health authority still friends.”

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That the social life – at least among the young – continues to flourish, has its price. In Sweden, a far more Infected were registered with the Coronavirus as in the other Nordic countries, to Tuesday, 1765 people with a Covid died-19-disease. For comparison: In Denmark, there was approximately 370 deaths, in Norway, 180. Both countries have half as many inhabitants as Sweden.

Government trusts state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell

Regardless of the high Figures of Sweden, the government and the health authority rely on the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. He is a symbol for the Swedish exceptionalism. School and border closures, he holds nothing, even otherwise, his strategy is different than the one that have almost chosen all the other in Europe. “We believe, we achieve, with voluntary participation as much as other countries with restrictions,” said Tegnell on Monday. It is unlikely that Sweden will change the direction.

dpa It is bought in Sweden – in spite of the Corona.

The Numbers of the past few days seem to confirm his theory. On Friday, Karin Tegmark I spoke of the health authority of a downward trend in the number of the dead. “There are still a large number of deceased per day, but we see no increase, but a slowdown.”

The Swedish way in the Land of controversial

This point of view, others do not share. Nearly 2000 scientists have called on the Swedish government in a letter to rethink. Among them, Bo Lundbäck, Professor of clinical epidemiology of lung diseases in Gothenburg. He holds the high death figures is unacceptable, and the price that Sweden, in the Corona-battle paid is too high. “I don’t see that Sweden is pursuing a specific strategy, and I see no Trend,” he says in an interview with the German press Agency. “The guidelines are much too vague and people are confused.”


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The pubs and shopping centres in Stockholm at the weekend, showing that the message had not arrived correctly. “People seem to think this was a game of ice hockey: Sweden versus the Rest of the world.” It would be registered every day hundreds of new infections. Lundbäck therefore calls for the closure of all schools and a better protection of the personnel in the old people’s homes. “We in Sweden think that we are better than the other, and don’t have to listen to the WHO. This is stupid.“

Epidemiologist rejects criticism, want the stove to achieve immunity

To state epidemiologist Tegnell, criticism bounces off. He believes that Sweden is in a different Phase than its neighbors and, therefore, higher Numbers have. Again and again he speaks of herd immunity – that is, the spread of the Virus is stopped, because more and more people are immune, either because they have overcome the disease or been vaccinated. Tegnell expects to be able to in may, signs of immunity in Stockholm to recognize. He relies on mathematical models.

dpa , The Local in Sweden opened.

“In Sweden must not be wrong,” says Claus Wendt of the University of Siegen, Germany, has analysed the backgrounds of the Swedish special path. The country was well placed to respond to the pandemic. The Swedes are generally in good health, there is little poverty and social inequality, and the health data of the people were captured. “A similar data level, in order to detect the development and spread of diseases in the course of time, is for Germany not available,” says Wendt.

Where should lead the way in Sweden?

That Sweden has used his good starting position, is not evident at first glance. In Norway and Denmark, it has not slowed down the spread of the Virus, but oppressed with so great success, that the schools, kindergartens, hairdressers and dentists can at least open the part again.


It is unclear, however, where the path of the Sweden lead to just: If herd immunity is the goal, then the country is a bit further. The Swedes could escape a second virus wave, Norway, Denmark and Germany, to risk, to your country, but if you are not prepared.

Drug already in the fall?

For the lung specialists Lundbäck such a new shaft would be in spite of everything, but the better scenario. “We don’t know enough about a possible immunity,” he says. “But we know that we have in the autumn of medications available to help against the Virus.” The most Important thing is to test as many as possible. After all, he is in agreement with Tegnell and the government: it has stated a few days ago, the goal is to allow significantly more people to test.

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