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Even more delivery bottlenecks due to the Coronavirus?

The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM), Germany’s top drug authority, evidently counting on additional supply bottlenecks due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China. There are many active ingredients are manufactured in Germany approved drug. The BfArM has contacted, therefore, the manufacturer’s site.

Whether or not the Coronavirus infections, difficulties in drug delivery are to be expected, has requested the BfArM directly from the data concerned a company in Wuhan. For the time being, the authority sees no evidence of this: "Based on the currently available information and data, there are neither national nor European notes, in the short term to a constraint, or a Succumbing to the drug supply hindeuten", the BfArM writes on his Website.

The research of the BfArM had revealed that a total of eleven active substances are affected in Germany on the list of the supply of the relevant active ingredients are. However, the BfArM does not identify what the drugs are. The said list contains the list of prescription drugs for all major application areas for the total population.

Directly in the most from Coronavirus-affected city of Wuhan in the Hubei province, the manufacturers have for 19 in Germany approved drugs based. 17 of these medicines contain a supply of relevant, classified active ingredient, writes the BfArM further. Based on the complete province of Hubei location, according to current data, 153 drug &ndash affected; 64 with a supply of relevant, classified active ingredient.


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