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“Europe’s self-made pandemic-the centre”: the doctor is criticised for dealing with Corona

The public comment of the Swiss doctors, is currently causing a big stir. The physician for 20 years in the contact to China and Wuhan. He says: The Virus was announced. Europe had better prepare.

“Covid-19 – an interim review or an analysis of the Moral, the medical facts, as well as the current and future political decisions” – this is the title of the comment of the doctor Paul Robert Vogt on Tuesday, published in the “Mediterranean” newspaper carries. The Swiss Practitioner does not spare criticism. He emphasized how dangerous the Virus is, the Western authorities have ignored for too long and caused a stir.

According to the editorial Board of the “Mediterranean newspaper” he called, already after two days, more than 350,000 times and thousands of times shared have been.

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Since 20 years, in exchange with China

Vogt is with his Foundation “EurAsia Heart – A Swiss Medical Foundation” for more than 20 years working in Asia. For almost a year he worked in China, used continuously, the connection to hospitals and scientists in Wuhan, had a guest professorship. Also during the corona crisis, he said, to his contact to Wuhan to receive.

Reporting on the “wrong” Numbers

The physicians criticized in his speech a number of points. First of all: The media’s reporting on “wrong” Numbers. “It is understandable that all want to capture the extent of this pandemic in one way or another,” he explains. “Only, the daily calculation does not help us further, since we know how many people had only unpunished contact with the Virus and how many people are actually ill.

He speaks of the Problem that currently reigns in many European countries. Due to the lack of Tests, scientists cannot estimate the actual extent of the corona pandemic correctly, also studies on immunity are lacking.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute wants to launch in April of the first representative studies, the use of antibody tests to narrow the immunity, and so the actual spread of Sars-CoV-2 better. 

Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state)


Virus is not like “ordinary flu”

Furthermore, Vogt criticized that many compared to the Virus with “ordinary flu”. “Covid-19 is not just a Problem of mechanical ventilation, but affects the heart in a similar way,” stresses the physician. Around 30 percent of all patients who did not survive the ICU, would inherit from cardiac reasons, hide.

In addition, the pure statistical assessment of this pandemic was “something immoral”. Neither he nor any of his colleagues could remember that in the last 30 or 40 years in such conditions in the health sector have been: Too little breathing devices. All intensive care units, which were only filled with patients, which all had the same diagnosis. Also, that sooner or later, up to 30 percent of the nurses and Doctors exactly under the same disease would suffer.

Vogt says: “The allegations that a ‘Influenza’ is exactly the same and taste the same every year, many of the victims is wrong. In addition, the claim that you do not know who is ‘in’ and who is ‘due’ COVID-19 die seized, and also from the air.”

He emphasized that not only older people would die of the effects of the Virus. “The age of the in Switzerland, deceased lies between 32 and 100 years,” declared the physician. In addition, there were reports that children had died.

The Virus was announced

Vogt explains in his contribution, that there would have been enough warning signs. Enough clues to the spread of the Virus to prepare. One of these characters, he in addition to the earlier Sars – and Mers-pandemic studies from the years 2016 and 2019, which had already warned of the spread of corona virus.

After the outbreak of the Virus on the 31. December 2019, the world health organization reported had been, would have had other countries two months to study “the right data and draw the right conclusions.”

For example, Taiwan had already published at an early stage of its measures. The country would have little need to Infected, and deaths, and not a “Lockdown of the economy” to perform. According to the Centers of Disease Control in Taiwan, currently only 385 Infected, 99 are already recovered, six people died as a result of the Virus.  

Pneumonia is a medical, not a political Problem

Also politicians would have to be according to Asia watch, were supposed to consult with medical Expertise. “A viral pneumonia is a medical and not a political Problem,” stresses the physician. “Thanks to the politically-ideologically justified Ignoring of medical facts has made it to Europe in the shortest possible time to the global pandemic-the centre.” In the middle of Switzerland, with the second highest infection rate per capita was.

Finally, the doctors stressed that there was still a lot of confusion in regards to the Coronavirus. Neither about immunity, nor about the actual prevalence of clear data would be available.

To slow down not to whether the higher temperatures of summer will help the spread of the Virus. “Here it must be mentioned that the Mers Virus had spread in the Middle East in the months of may to July, when temperatures were higher than they are for us, ever,” writes Vogt.

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Each step is a step into the Unknown

“The lifting of the 'Lockdown', respectively, the return to what we perceive as normal, is certainly the desire of every one,“ writes the physician. What steps are associated with what adverse consequences, for example, a return of the infection flare-up rate, no one could predict. “Every step in the direction of Lockdown is basically a step into the Unknown.”

“The challenges are global,” writes the physician to the end of his speech. “And the next pandemic is coming. And this is perhaps due to a Super Virus caused and to an extent accept that we don’t want to think of us, dear.“


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