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Drug in Corona times: What is the pharmacist for the patient to do

Pharmacies can provide for their patients these days is faster and easier with the important medicines. Several concerns, for the time of the Corona-crisis measures taken, the new provisions in laws, regulations, and contractual agreements.

In times of shortage, the pharmacy may make it easier alternatively, preparations, and patients are protected against additional Supplements. In addition, the messengers will be strengthened, service with the staff of the pharmacies. The aim is to reduce the contacts just at-risk groups and thus to make a contribution to the fight against the Corona of a pandemic. "The exceptions give the pharmacists more freedom of action. We can also supply in case of supply shortages, many patients, who otherwise would have to come again in the pharmacy. More cost you need to fürchten", Friedemann Schmidt, President of the ABDA &ndash says; Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. "With the financial support for the messenger service, the staff, the local pharmacy may also be stronger in the outreach care, especially of chronically ill and elderly patients."

On the framework of the contractual Changes agreed by the German pharmacists Association (DAV) and the head Association of the Statutory health insurance (Shi) the fact that patients in times of shortage of Discount products in-stock, active ingredient the same alternative drug, immediately upon presentation of the prescription at the pharmacy can get. In the Fair-cash-in-competition-law (FKG) is regulated that the additional costs for more expensive replacement products instead of the intended discount drugs to the respective health insurance company instead of from the patients themselves.

The Federal Ministry of health adopted drug supply regulation also allows for advanced replacement: After consultation with the doctor can be not only delivered a active ingredient is the same, but also similar (pharmacologically-therapeutically comparable) to medicinal products. In addition, will be temporarily due to the increased use of the offered services the pharmacies with five Euro paid. So far, the pharmacies bear the burden of this for the patient, cost-free Services completely on their own.


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