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Dr Hilary Jones shares details of one drink that can soothe cold symptoms

Cold and flu season is upon us, and everyone seems to be battling unpleasant symptoms.

Those suffering with the common cold often feel run down with anything from a runny nose, to a sore throat, and or a cough and a headache.

Plenty of rest, sleep and staying hydrated is often the recommendation until you're feeling better.

And while there's no cure, there are a number of things you can do to help yourself.

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, Doctor Hilary Jones shared a number of ways symptoms could be reduced.

And according to Hilary Jones, whisky is particularly good for helping sore throats when mixed with the ingredients to make a hot toddy.

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These include lemon, honey and hot water.

He said: "It’s soothing, whisky acts as an anaesthetic and soothes the sore throat and helps you sleep.

"It also has a soothing effect on the mucus."

Chicken soup and vitamin D were also suggested by the doctor.

He said: "Chicken soup actually has some research behind it that it’s one of the best things to have.

"It has chicken bones and vegetables with lots of antioxidants, protein which is nourishing, water which is hydration, and it’s good for decongestion with steam going up the nose."

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He also suggested oily fish for preventing flu symptoms.

Dr Hilary explained: “Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and it’s really important for our immunity.

“It could be one of the reasons why we gets colds.

“Vitamin D is really important and you can get a lot of vitamin D in oily fish,

“Try to incorporate salmon, mackerel and tune in your diet and you are less likely to have a cold.”

It comes after nutritionist Amanda Ursell has explained how hot spices can help your blocked nose .

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She said: "A cold is a good excuse for a spicy curry.

"Hot spices, such as chillies, irritate the linings of your nose.

"This makes it easier to blow your nose and dislodge mucus. If you can clear it, you should feel better instantly."

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