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Doctor recommended Ibuprofen, then Alex lost a leg due to bone cancer so strong, he fights back

After several misdiagnoses and at the time only 20-year-old Alex B. is diagnosed with bone cancer. Rather than retreat, he goes on the Offensive. On Instagram, he shares his everyday life with the disease, even, when, after severe complications, his leg will be amputated.

Selfies from the hospital bed, Videos of his hair loss or the daily Drop of the leg prosthesis before going to bed: Alex' Instagram profile is not like any other. Quite frankly, the young man speaks with his 15,000 followers, about his cancer.

To share your story with other people in the social networks, help Alex to process his fate: “The exchange with other Sufferers is doing incredibly well, I would also like to show people that you can be in spite of fate, a cheerful and positive person”.

"The pain felt like a bruise – we still have about gelacht"

The Alex’s life changes in the summer of 2018. At that time works as flight attendant, it is his dream job. After a long haul flight, he felt pain on the right knee-inner side. “The pain felt like a bruise, nothing to see, however, was,” says the young man who lives with his parents in a suburb of Cologne. alex.boeh Instagram Alex B. in one of his total of 15 inpatient chemotherapy.

Alex assumes that he was only slightly injured: “We have a good laugh at home about it and thought about how awkward it must be to poke yourself at this point”.

As the pain is increasing and becoming more and more frequent, he finds his family doctor. The presumed water retention in the knee and advises him that he should cool his knee, rest and Ibuprofen to take. Because the measures do not help, a week later, the Cologne to the orthopedic surgeon.

“If you want to have a certificate of incapacity for Work, then you need to get a better lie story”

The specialist produces an x-ray picture and can detect nothing out of the ordinary. The Suffering of his patients, he takes seriously: “If you want to have a certificate of incapacity for Work, then you need to get a better lie story,” he says, and produces with Alex. alex.boeh

In the case of a surgery, it comes to complications – Alex’s leg is amputated as a result.

The doctor rattled him. In the drugstore Alex buys a knee brace, in the hope that the pain relieve.

Not knowing that in his leg, a malignant Tumor is located, the Steward is even a service flight to Cape town. It is his best in-flight experience – and at the same time be for the time being the Last.

“My first thought was: Now I need to sterben"

At the homecoming he can carry his suitcase barely comes up the stairs, breaks more and more often. After a biopsy at the University hospital in Münster Alexander gets on the 24. August 2018 – nearly four months after the first symptoms – the bad findings: osteoblast skills osteosarcoma, bone cancer in its most aggressive Form.

“My first thought was: Now I must die. I had a tremendous fear,“ he says. But rather than retreat, the now 22-Year-old strong. With countless Unknown, he shares his history of illness: 15 in-patient chemotherapy treatments, nine surgeries and many months in the hospital.

“After the SURGERY, I’ve checked it four times, if the leg is really from”

As it comes at one of the many surgeries, complications, must be amputated his right leg. “After the SURGERY, I’ve checked it four times, if the leg is really,” replies the Blogger open on the question of a User, whether he would feel his missing leg. alex.boeh Instagram Influencer, by a stroke of fate: Alex B. of a cancer disease.

Meanwhile, Alex has survived his last chemotherapy, he shall be deemed free of tumor. Slowly he fights back into everyday life.

In the walking school, he meets together with a therapist, a liquid gait with its new transfemoral prosthesis. His biggest dream is to go again Sometime in the future as flight attendants in the skies.