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Daily Express Easy Guide to staying fit during lockdown

So the Daily Express is bringing you exercises from award-winning fitness coach Julie Bartlett. They are especially suitable for older readers and are designed to be carried out in your garden or your front room with no specialist equipment.

“These exercises are simply designed to get you moving. Just wear something loose and comfortable,” says Julie. “All you will need is two tins or two plastic bottles filled with liquid and a pair of old tights or a resistance band.

“Do what feels right. If you want to make it harder, then make your movements bigger or do more repetitions. If you need to make it easier, do fewer and build up. Remember to warm up and cool down with gentle stretches.”

You can do Julie’s simple workouts day-by-day, or collect all the exercises and build them into a longer workout.

You will be working on your balance, your motor fitness, your strength and flexibility.

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Side lunge with pulldown

This exercise works your legs, your bottom, your back, shoulders, arms and middle

1 Stand tall with your arms above your head holding a resistance band or a pair of tights. Don’t raise your shoulders and no breath holding please

2 Lunge out to your left side and at the same time pull on the tights/band with your left arm, coming down to chest level. You should be able to feel the resistance in your shoulders and arms

3 Bring your left leg and left arm back and repeat on your right side. Repeat side to side until you have completed your 8-10 rep

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