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The re-use of mouth protection masks should be sterilized

The Federal government recommends that in times of Corona-pandemic “urgent”, the Wearing of protective masks (so-called MNS-mask – mouth-nose protection) in the public space, the spread of Covid-minimize 19 pathogens to. Because to not purchase enough masks, should be adhered to when re-use is urgently Hygiene measures.

Hygiene measures also for private use

Because to acquire enough of the mouth-nose protection masks (MNS), and respiratory protection masks “Filtering Face Piece” (FFP), the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), suggestions for possible “measures for the resource-friendly use of the mouth, nose and ends of shelter (MNS) and FFP-masks” published, which also hygienic instructions for the private use can be derived.

In principle, the masks are designed so that they may only be used once. Therefore, it is when re-use is important to know what hygienic measures are required in order for the mouth-nose protection masks do more good than harm.

It is at the Back of the masks to make:

  • The removal of the mask, so that in this way a contamination of the mask (especially the inside) or a contamination of the face is prevented, for example, by a previous glove disinfection.
  • After the removal of the mask, this should be kept in a dry air (in closed containers!) and be stored so that contamination of the inside of the mask/of the MNS, but also prevents contamination of other surfaces.
  • The gloves to the storage of the masks to be disposed of and the hands disinfected.
  • The used mask should only be carried by one Person. In the house always to keep the name, for example on the retaining strap of the carrier letter.
  • Used disposable masks with a disinfectant to clean or disinfect, as this can affect the functionality of the mask negative.
  • When re-Tightening the mask, make sure that there is a carryover of the pathogen from the contaminated external surface to the internal surface. Touching the inner side of the filter fleece should therefore be avoided.
  • When re-perfect Fitting hygienic, unused gloves and the gloves disposed of before further patient contact.
  • Masks, whose inner contaminated surface area due to errors in handling may no longer use.
  • The place where the intermediate storage is carried out, disinfect immediately after removal of the mask.

Masks, sterilization oven, microwave or washing machine?

On the Internet Tricks can be given to the tabloid media frequently to Clean the self-produced masks. So it is advised to heat the mask in the microwave or sterilize in the oven. But these Tricks are actually effective to Sars-CoV-2 to kill?

The virologist Christian Drosten of the University hospital Charité in Berlin keeps the idea in the daily Corona-Update on NDR Info feasible. If the mask 70 degrees in an oven heated would, it might be sufficient, the viruses. This is true, but only für Cellulose fabrics of a mouth-nose-mask. FFP-masks can be in the oven will not sterilize as the plastic filter at such high temperatures, it melts. Self-made masks made of cotton, can according to the virologists at 60 degrees in the washing machine to be washed.