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Coronavirus warning – the smelly symptom that could be caused by deadly COVID-19 infection

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that has been confirmed in almost five million people across the world. You could be at risk of the virus if you develop unexplained sweating, it’s been claimed.

The UK has officially passed the peak of the coronavirus infection.

The UK government has advised the public to remain indoors in an attempt to curb the spread of the infection.

Despite nearing the final stretch of the COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of people are still dying in the UK everyday.

You may be at risk of coronavirus if you find that you’ve started sweating excessively with no obvious cause.

Excessive sweating – particularly at night – may be a sign of COVID-19.

Patients have reported waking up in the night drenched in sweat.

It’s usually accompanied by the characteristic coronavirus fever.

While it’s perfectly normal to start sweating after doing exercise, or if you’re particularly hot, it may be caused by COVID-19 if there’s no obvious cause.

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Health minister Nadine Dorries was diagnosed with coronavirus in March.

She explained that one of her COVID-19 symptoms was “terrible” night sweats.

Dorries wrote on Twitter: “I was quite unwell, v high temperature and v bad cough.

“Couldn’t eat, concentrate, in a fog, slept huge amount, terrible night sweats.


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“Turned a corner on day 7 – just got stronger every day. Still no taste/smell tho. “

Excessive sweating is a common condition that can affect all parts of the body, warned the NHS.

A pharmacist may be able to help with the condition.

But, if you’ve developed severe sweating, along with any other symptoms of coronavirus, you should self-isolate for at least 14 days.


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Meanwhile, the most common coronavirus symptoms include having a high fever, and developing a new, continuous cough.

Anybody that feels hot to the touch on their chest or back could be showing early coronavirus symptoms.

Similarly, anyone that’s been coughing more than usual for longer than a one-hour period, or if they’ve had at least three coughing episodes every 24 hours, should self-isolate.

Almost 250,000 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the UK, and 35,341 have sadly died.

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