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Coronavirus symptoms: Mum shares baby son’s unusual symptoms in stark warning

Coronavirus affects the old and young, so how do you know if the youngest in your family has it? One Mum has shared her baby son’s symptoms.

A mother’s instinct is usually right – and Mum Toni Rhodes is no exception.

Her seven-week-old tot, Curtis, didn’t seem to be himself.

Describing his mood as “agitated”, she noticed her baby boy had a different cry from normal.


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Her baby was also extremely fatigued, and he didn’t fidget in his sleep anymore.

Upon waking, his skin was mottled and one of his eyes were red, swollen and watering.

Curtis had developed a slight cough and was sneezing, which prompted Mum Toni and Dad Ken to hurry to A&E on Monday March 23.

At first, doctors suspected sepsis as Curtis had a fast heart rate.

The family were asked to remain in the hospital for two days to await blood test results for sepsis.

At the same time, baby Curtis was tested for coronavirus – which is now routine for people admitted to hospital.

Medics were happy to send the baby boy home on Wednesday, but Toni and Ken received a disturbing call the following day.

It turned out baby Curtis tested positive for COVID-19.

Taking to Facebook, Toni said: “Since being home, Curtis has improved.

“He is now just showing signs that I would describe as getting over the last dregs of a cold.

“His temperature is lower and he isn’t feeding at night, however, as soon as he’s up in the day he’s back to his almost usual self.

“He sounds dry and congested, pooing more than usual and is clingy but everything else OK.”


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She continued: “He has not needed medication since being home.

“We have been reassured that Curtis should be fine, however to take him back to A&E if he gets shortness of breath.

“To confirm, he did not have a high temperature or dry persistent cough.

“As we all know there is little knowledge on babies and their reactions to the virus, so we want to share to make others aware of what they could also be needing to look out for.”

Describing her own experience of being off-kilter, she admitted to feeling “run-down and under the weather”.

She added that her main symptoms are a “headache, loss of smell, backache and a slight sore throat”.

However she has stated it is “all manageable”.

She concluded: “We are sharing our story to give parents the reassurance that babies can and will be ok.

“Please, please, please, if you think your child is unwell, take them to A&E as you would have if all this hell was not in our lives.”

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