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Corona News: Berlin prepares for the introduction of a mask is compulsory in schools

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 15 million people have been infected with the Coronavirus, 206.467 of them in Germany. The United States reported almost daily new record numbers.

Berlin is preparing a media report that the introduction of a mask is compulsory in schools. “It’s a mask of duty is prepared for the schools, the soll&quot apply on the School’s hallways, in stairwells, Meeting areas, break areas and common areas;, a spokeswoman for the education Senator Sandra Scheers (SPD) said the "Tagesspiegel" on Wednesday. On Thursday a Meeting with school Board associations was planned for this purpose. In addition, there will be further legal tests.

So far, a duty to wear a mouth-nose cover in the Berlin school was not provided. There were such suggestions, however, from some of the principals, said Dieter Haase from the Board of the Berlin WT on Wednesday the German press Agency. "This can be placed in the higher classes of secondary I and II, relatively simply. However, it should be the school that fit."

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