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Mask obligation follow: from a Corona of infection, protect

Since this week, the so-called “mask” obligation to help of infection with the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 contain applies in all Federal States of Germany. To be most effective, it is important that the mouth, nose and is worn to cover properly. And certain mistakes when handling the mask should be avoided at all costs.

In the meantime, all Federal States have made the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection in public transport and most of the time when shopping to the duty. In the case of violations of the mask compulsory part of high fines will be due. Surveys have shown that the majority of the population supported the measure. However, it is important that the masks are correctly applied.

Mask duty when shopping, and public transport

Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml has called for, to comply with the now applicable “mask is mandatory” in the free state consistently. Been achieved in the fight against the Corona pandemic already in progress, but it remains important to protect yourself and others from infection.

“That’s why everyone should pay attention to the fact that he is wearing, for example, in super markets and shops as well as Bus and rail, a mouth-nose cover”, the Minister said, according to a message.

The so-called mask is compulsory for persons aged 7. The age of shopping, as well as in the use of means of transport of public transport and the associated facilities.

For the fulfillment of the “mask of duty” enough for an everyday mask. “It should be taken to ensure, as a minimum of 1.5 meters to comply with other persons. In addition to the usual Hygiene rules apply,“ said Huml.

“Medical protective masks are still intended only for Doctors or nurses,” said the health Minister.

Mouth and nose coverings yourself

A simple mouth, nose and coverings are made of commercially available materials and can be sewn, therefore, self or purchased. The fabric should be as dense as possible and made of 100 percent cotton.

In addition, make sure that the mouth-nose cover is large enough to cover the mouth, nose and cheeks completely. In addition, you should be in contact with the edges as closely as possible. If a scarf fulfils these conditions, it can also be used.

Other materials, such as, for example, dust the vacuum bag or carton are not suitable according to the Bavarian Ministry of health. But Researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute for chemistry have reported that, especially cotton fabrics such as Jersey, beaver fabric, and nonwoven of vacuum cleaner bags materials that prevent the majority of viruses.

At 60-90 degree wash

The information is that you can wear everyday masks, depending on the physical activity, a maximum of three to four hours. In the case of moisture, this should be changed immediately.

Before re-use of the everyday must be washed mask at 60-90 degrees with plenty of detergent and then dried completely. In addition, the subsequent Ironing of the mask at a minimum of 165 degrees (highest level) contributes to the disinfection.

And even if the masks are heated to 70 degrees in the oven, it could be sufficient, according to experts, the pathogen kill. This is true, but only for cellulosic materials, a mouth-nose-mask.

What to consider when putting on a mask to

When you Wear a mask, make sure that the inside is not contaminated. That’s why the hands should be washed thoroughly with soap. The everyday-mask must always be correctly placed over the mouth, nose and cheeks and at the edges as closely as possible aim to minimise the Ingress of air to the sides.

It is also important to avoid a common mistake: The everyday mask should not be plucked while you are wearing them and not around the neck are worn. When the mask is touched on the outer side and the hands are not free of pathogens, can be spread the virus on it and then when you Breathe in common.

Also when you Drop the mask, always ensure that the outside of the mask will not be affected, because these pathogens may contain. After the mask off the hands, in compliance with the General hygiene rules should be thoroughly washed (at least 20-30 seconds with soap).

The masks should be stored in accordance with the Decrease of dry air and stored, so that contamination of the inside of the everyday life-mask, and also delays will be avoided on other surfaces. (ad)