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Administrative court: pubs closing continues to be “proportionate and reasonable”

Restaurants must remain closed. This is still “proportionate and reasonable”, such as the administrative court (VGH) of Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim on Wednesday, 29. April 2020, announced Eilbeschluss decided (Az.: 1 S 1068/20). Unlike a purchase, a visit to a restaurant serving “just stay a bit longer”, thereby reducing the risk of infection will increase.

The Restaurant owner complained

He pointed to a the owner of three Restaurants in Baden-Württemberg operates. She said the forced closure was disproportionate and in breach of the principle of equality. Contagions or diseases in their Restaurants had not been detected. The minimum distance and other hygiene regulations you can adhere to as well as retail and craft businesses.

Restaurants are for the “extended stay” since

The VGH Mannheim not followed. An effective interruption of the Corona chains of Infection continue to be the “only by strict minimization of physical contacts is not possible.” Also in compliance with the minimum distance remain staff in Restaurants, it is a risk because many people have to remain for a longer period of time together in a closed room and the guests in constant contact with surfaces and objects, tables, and Cutlery. The could also be by regular Disinfection is not sufficiently met.

No unauthorised unequal treatment

Also, a prohibited difference in treatment is not spent. In the case of craftsmen, the contact let usually “to a Minimum”. And while the customers do not stop in shops, usually too long, was a visit to a restaurant just to eat and stay to Talk longer. This, and also the consumption of food and beverages increase the risk of infection significantly.