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Corona-Chaos in Turkey: Erdogan resignation of interior does not accept Minister

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Erdogan does not accept resignation of Minister of the interior

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected the resignation of his interior Minister. Süleyman Soylu had submitted his resignation, the President did not approve of but, according to the Turkish Ministry of communications on Sunday evening. Soylu practice, the office of the interior Minister continue, it said.

In the Declaration, were also highlighted Soylus merits. Among other things, this has led a determined fight against the banned Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. For his successful services, he had won the respect of the people.

Soylu had previously given in his resignation on Twitter, and the responsibility for a short notice on Friday night imposed a curfew because of the Corona-crisis in 31 cities taken over.

The communication of the authorities was sharply criticised, because the measure was only two hours before the start of the period, and Details of the scheme were initially unclear. On Friday evening it was purchases, therefore, to panic and crowds of people in the affected cities. The curfew was only for 48 hours, and expired on Sunday at midnight (local time).


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