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Congo confirms first Ebola-Infected

A new Ebola virus has reached the democratic Republic of the Congo. Tests have clearly confirmed that there is in the province of Equateur Ebola, said health Minister Félix Kabange Numbi on Sunday. The Virus has returned in the Region in 1976 was discovered.

Previously, the authorities had reports of 13 dead in the North-Western province of Equateur had died within ten days of an unknown fever disorder. The patients were diagnosed according to the authorities, a high fever, diarrhea and vomiting – therefore, it was immediately suspected Ebola occurred. However, according to the Minister for health to a different virus strain than in West Africa proven. The surroundings of the town of Djera would be placed under quarantine, said Kabange Numbi.

Ebola was discovered in 1976 in the affected province

This has confirmed the information of the Minister of health, according to. In the province of Equateur, the Ebola was for the first time in 1976-Virus discovered.

Secret project “Biopreparat”: The Soviets made Ebola once a deadly weapon

FOCUS Online/Wochit secret project “Biopreparat”: The Soviets made Ebola once a deadly weapon

The Ebola has occurred-Virus now in five African countries. Worst of all in Liberia is concerned, also in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria, the Virus has been demonstrated.

For the first time WHO staff and Brite ill

According to the world health organization (WHO) for the first time, ill also have one of your employees. Details of the age, gender or nationality, WHO was not known. It is the best possible treatment in Sierra Leone, the Person should be ensured, it was only on Sunday. The organization has sent to its own information, so far, about 400 people in the Ebola-affected countries.

Fear of Ebola epidemic In the USA started to panic

FOCUS Online/Wochit fear of Ebola epidemic In the United States breaks panic

Meanwhile, the British government announced that for the first time, is also a British medical helper with the Virus. He will be flown to London in a special isolation ward to be treated. A total of died in the past few months, according to official figures, so far, 1427 people to the Virus.

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