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Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna's School Project Shows She Takes After Her Mama in the Cutest Way

When Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter Luna had to write a book for school, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Create a mini cookbook, of course! The 6-year-old’s class project shows she’s just like her chef mama, and she couldn’t be cuter.

“Luna had to write a how-to book in school! if this ain’t my daughter!!!” the Cravings author wrote on Instagram. In the video, Luna reads the title of the book, which she also illustrated and colored herself! “How to Make Ranch Dressing, and this is the ranch dressing and this is the table,” she explains.

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She opens the book and begins to read her work. “Today, I will teach you how to make ranch dressing. Step one: get butter out. Step two: get a medium-sized bowl. Step three: get mayonnaise. Step four: get a one-cup measuring cup.” The clear directions, the details, the easy-to-understand instructions — this girl has a gift! She also seems so proud of herself, reading her story about making buttermilk ranch dressing with the biggest grin on her face. Go Luna!

Slide the post over to see Luna posing with her beautiful book and smiling. Teigen added in the comments, “’I’m so proud I have instilled in her the knowledge that the only ranch is buttermilk ranch.”

Legend wrote, “So proud!”

Others weighed in on Luna’s creativity. “As a teacher who loves how-to units so much, this video makes my heart so happy,” one person wrote. “I love watching families’ favorite things shine through their kids! You’re a wonderful mama!”

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Someone else wrote, “Her first cookbook!!!!” “She’s going to be [an] amazing chef 😍,” one person commented.

This isn’t the first time Luna’s shown an affinity for her mama’s kitchen skills. Earlier this month, Teigen posted on Instagram, “Told Luna to take care of the house while I was gone and she really did 😩.”

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In photos, Luna takes care of her 2-month-old sister Esti and her 4-year-old brother Miles, even baking green-and-yellow sprinkled cupcakes with them at one point.

She seems like such a proud big sister — and a mini chef, too!

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