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Bindi Irwin Guest Stars in a Disney Animated Show & Her Daughter Grace is a Big Fan

Disney+ is a lifesaver for parents with little kids. A few minutes to yourself while they watch an episode of Bluey or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? It’s priceless! But when you do sit down to watch with your kids, you may recognize a familiar voice. Bindi Irwin is guest-starring in an episode of one of the most popular animated series for preschoolers, and her daughter Grace Warrior, 17 months, is already a big fan!

The Australia Zoo conservationist is playing oceanographer Isla Coralton on Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends, which will air on Disney Channel at 8:30 a.m. ET September 16 and Disney Junior at 12:30 p.m. ET September 16. It will also air on Disney+ later this fall. Irwin, who describes herself as an “enormous Marvel fan,” told PEOPLE that she’s watched the show with Grace.

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“We’ve watched a couple of episodes and she already enjoys it, which is incredible,” Irwin said.

The Crikey! It’s the Irwins star also dished about her animated character, who looks like her with blonde hair and a confidence with animals.

“[Coralton] dedicated her life to protecting the oceans and all the creatures that live in the sea,” Irwin told PEOPLE. “She loves wildlife and wild places, and is very passionate about making a difference in the world.”

Sounds just like Irwin, who continues her dad Steve Irwin’s conservation efforts in their native Australia with mom Terri Irwin, brother Robert Irwin, and husband Chandler Powell.

“It is so important to empower the next generation to love our planet, to have that respect for all living creatures and the environment that they call home,” Irwin continued. “And I think that this series does a really, really good job of introducing all those ideas.”

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At home, she’s introducing Grace to the great outdoors. She takes her exploring, teaches her to look after animals, and points out kangaroos and other animals at the Australia Zoo.

For her 24th birthday in July, she wrote a loving tribute to her family on Instagram.

“My darling daughter, the gift of finding beauty in all things and running towards happiness (and bubbles, which are the same thing to her) with an open heart,” Irwin wrote in part. “I’m grateful for another trip around the sun and another year to do my best making difference in this world.”

Now she can carry on that enthusiasm for wildlife conservation by teaching Spider-Man and his friends (and the countless kids who will watch it) all about it. Crikey, that’s cool!

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