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Best foods to eat to boost testosterone in men – which can lead to better sex

Testosterone naturally declines when a man gets older.

The male hormone builds muscle and strengthens bone as well as contributing to hair growth, mood and cognitive function, with falling levels said to impact health negatively.

Studies have found men who consume ultra-processed foods such as baked goods, chips and fast foods will see a more rapid decline in their testosterone levels.

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Equally, those who eat a healthy diet may see an increase in testosterone levels, with experts recommending adopting a dietary pattern rich in foods that contain certain nutrients for testosterone.

These foods are said to be rich in zinc, magnesium and vitamin D.

What to eat for higher testosterone


People are often advised to eat eggs in most healthy diets.

They are high sources of protein, cholesterol, vitamin D and omega-3s, all of which aid in the production of testosterone.

There's no limit on how many eggs you can eat per day, but in most people one to two a day is a good benchmark.

Oily fish

Oily and fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, which make the testosterone-producing cells in the testes work effectively.

Previous studies have found that omega- 3 increased total testosterone levels in males after adjusting for baseline levels, age and BMI.

Green leafy vegetables

A diet rich in green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale can help with falling testosterone levels.

According to a 2011 study, men who consumed these vegetables had a high increase in magnesium levels too, which initially prompted the increase in testosterone.

This was evident even in men who live a more sedentary life.


Avocados, alongside green leafy vegetables, are rich in magnesium which benefit testosterone levels.

Avocados also contain a mineral known as boron, which influences testosterone metabolism in the body protecting against testosterone degradation.

Avocados also contain rich fatty acids and zinc – all of which positively affects testosterone.


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