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Behavior in a disaster: What happened in the illegally opened hookah Bar in Göttingen?

For a larger Corona outbreak in Göttingen, the authorities seek to test the contact persons. Not all of them do. The Affected are to have family to celebrate is. Also what happened in an illegally opened Shisha Bar, is investigated.

A hookah Bar in Göttingen is an outbreak in the center of a Corona. What exactly happened in the Bar, is still unclear. A spokeswoman for the city of Göttingen, the stand on Monday, according to information previously only: The Bar had not opened, although it was due to the Corona-pads actually still. And Several people who sufferers later Covid-19, were in the Bar. You are there to have in common from a water pipe Smoking, such as the "HAZ" reported. The Director of the göttingen crisis staff, Petra Broistedt, said according to the newspaper, the behaviour of the men was a "Katastrophe" been. "The Bar was closed, now a fine is procedure geprüft", said city spokeswoman Cordula Dankert.

On whit Monday, the authorities in Göttingen continue to work hard to make all of the people who were with the Ill contact. By noon of 310 people had been identified, including dozens of children and young people to now all in strict quarantine. "You are not allowed to leave their homes, not to Einkaufen", stressed city spokeswoman Cordula Dankert. 36 people have been tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, one of them is seriously ill.

"It would be inappropriate to isolieren&quot that is why the entire house;

Many of the Affected, infected, living in a rather drab high-rise complex in the University city, the Iduna-centre in the vicinity of the shooting-ground. Broistedt, said the "Göttingen Tageblatt": "We know of 60 contact persons, the centre for life in Iduna." Now the whole house with all the some 700 residents in quarantine, as happened in a case a few weeks ago in North Rhine-Westphalia? "It would be inappropriate to isolieren&quot that is why the entire house;, Broistedt told the newspaper. Swen Pförtner/dpa The Iduna-centre in the city centre of Göttingen

With the exception of the illegally-opened hookah Bar the majority of other people have, or after a number of larger private family celebrations to be infected. The crisis team leader said that family associations would be made with a supra-regional respect from large Parts of lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, obviously, last weekend. In this case, the distance bid had not been complied with. On Tuesday, the first infections were detected.

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"We take the Situation very ernst"

All contact persons must now test. Alone: Some people have not appeared, according to the city, in spite of verbal prompt by the health Department for testing. The invitation follows in writing, in case of no show a penalty threatens.

And what are the consequences of the case are now? In Göttingen, the city wants to first wait for the results of all Tests before it is decided. "It depends on how the Tests went. We take the Situation very seriously, but all other measures depend on how the test results aussehen", a city spokeswoman said Dankert.

The lower Saxon land government, in spite of the new Corona cases in Gottingen, so far, no need, by Easing move away. "The action does not change our plan at the Moment nichts", Monday said on Pentecost, the Deputy government spokeswoman Kathrin Riggert.

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